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Social Security misinformation

On this morning's C-Span call-in segments, there were 3 callers who said that Ron Paul wants to cancel Social Security and that was why they couldn't vote for him. If this is happening on one show I’m sure it will turn up on others.

I don't know where they got this info. (I smell a rat), but we have to nip this in the bud.

Let’s make it a point this week to mention in the comments sections online and on call-in shows his true position on entitlement programs. People must realize that he is the only candidate who has a plan to SAVE these programs for those who need them. (And that includes me.)

Let’s work to stop this lie!

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Vital Message to Seniors

it is vital that we get RP's message to Seniors. They Vote and if they believe that he is going to stop their programs, they won't vote for him. RP is actually the only guy that knows how to keep their programs going---he can pay for them. He's only giving their grandchildren a chance to opt out of a system that is heading for a crash.



"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms is ,as a last resort ,to protect themselves against tyranny in government"
-Thomas Jefferson


I think it comes from Paul s sweeping statments of getting ride of so much Goverment.I also think that this is a huge hurdle and if Paul were to directly address this to the seniors we would instantky get alot of votes,because this seems to be the only hold up many seniors have of Ron Paul,

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms is ,as a last resort ,to protect themselves against tyranny in government"
-Thomas Jefferson

This is important

Dr. Paul does need a good commercial on this subject ASAP because once you get that in an old persons brain it will be hard to get it out.

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RP's next commerical I think..

Needs to address this head on. He needs to state how he has always voted to protect SS, will keep it around for those on it, AND start to allow younger folks to opt. out.

This will continue to happen until we can get it down with a direct message from RP himself. (yes he did it on Leno, but he needs a commercial that repeats and repeats)

Ron Paul and Social Security

This is what we can expect. Ron Paul's opponents will use every dirty trick in the book. They cannot defeat him on the issues.

There are interest out there who stand to lose billions of dollars if Dr. Paul's proposals become law. People who wage undeclared wars for profit and power generally don't play by the rules.

In the case of Social Security, we volunteers need to find the videos of Ron Paul addressing Social Security where he makes it very clear that he is NOT calling for ending Social Security benefits to people who are dependent on it. We need to make sure that Social Security recipients see these videos.

We need to make sure Dr. Paul's true position is clear, and we need to show the dishonesty of his opponents and the media.

RP & seniors - this site helps!

just posted this on the seniors thread too:


Starts off with"Ron Paul is the chief sponsor of the Social Security Preservation Act of 2007 (HR 219), which would prohibit Congress from raiding the Social Security Trust Fund."

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Well to be fair

Ron Paul does want to get rid of SS but he has the intelligence to understand that it is not a switch you can hit. He says that the people that have become dependent on it are not likely to change their ways and therefore need to continue to be taken care of by the gov. He has put forth ideas that would allow people to opt out and begin there own saving.

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This is a perfect example of the nasty techniques...

we will be seeing. Everyone prepare yourself!

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