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Boston Tea Party 07 - We're Sick of Your Kool-Aid!

lol i thought that was pretty interesting ... this time we aren't protesting tax on tea ... we are sick of the kool-aid that government forces us to drink every day and we shall dump it into the harbor!

Please give the max you can on Dec 16th .. Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Let's show the king who is boss!!!

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Tea Party

I understand the desire of some to make a visual statement on December 16, 2007. Just remember that the purpose of the fundraiser is to attract POSITIVE attention to Dr. Paul while bolstering his campaign chest. Please, no images of supporters being dragged off by police. While we want to make a statement, we definitely don't want bad press that turns potential voters away. Dr. Paul needs broad appeal to win. Let common sense and (harmless) creativity guide you.

tea bags

Hey guys

what happened to that tea bag idea?

(that someone would make little individual packets of tea
with "No Taxation through Inflation" and MeetUps would then
buy them and distribute them on Dec 16th to people)

we could call it Boss Ron Tea Party or LiberTea

I think it would be a great and allegorical way to get the message accross.

btw isn't there some sort of environmental law against dumping stuff into Tidal Basin?

How about releasing balloons

Balloons could make a statement about the inflation tax that is hitting our economy. I'm sure there are some Ron Paul supporters that could make a video that would help ordinary Americans understand Dr. Paul message. When he states that when the Fed prints money by the time it gets to us it is an inflation tax on the poor and middle class. Besides when you have a party balloons are usually there. The balloons could have a Ron Paul stamp on them. hee, hee

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Say no more "money bomb"

On December 11th it will be a MEGABOMB !

How many gallons

How many gallons of Kool Aid would we need to turn the reflecting pool in Washington red ? Now that would make a statement . Anybody in?

idk but I bet it would make

idk but I bet it would make the news


I am looking for us to shock the world. I plan to go all in on the Tea Party.
That will probably leave me with a $1900 donation on Dec 16th. Along with $100 for today Nov 11th

It would be kinda funny if

It would be kinda funny if we actually did dump something like that into the boston harbor

Red Kool-Aid? (or food coloring?) to symbolize all the red-ink?

That we're tired of the inflation and all the deficit spending?

(Also would have a subtle connection the "Moses/Egypt" and Nile River running red).

Hmmm... Not just Boston, but Rivers around the country? Probably best NOT to... just symbolically dumping the money into the campaign's coffers is 100% better and more productive!

you could stand on top of a

you could stand on top of a building and release hundreds of tax forms to blow around the city...of course that would be littering , but makes a point right?

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