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To those posting at Free Republic and other "tough sells"

Stick with the positive. Folks who believe in their candidate enough to fight it out a year before the election are loyal "first adopters." I would suggest not trying to break your neck convincing someone who does not wish to be swayed. You have to hand it to them, they cling ferociously don't they? They cling even more once they sense their "ship" is sinking...God bless'em.

The best approach is to stick with THE approach set forth by Dr. Paul. It is better to refrain from being dragged into "he said she said." It is defensive and it is difficult to win hearts and minds when you are back pedaling over some "unjust" charge against your candidate.

A lot of bloggers/forumposters/onlinedebaters get trapped into this no win proposal. You are simply repeating your adversary's claim over and over again thus, giving it validity.

Watch more of Dr. Paul's interviews. He is a master at this and sets a beautiful example for us.

The below is trickery, but, it is fun.

"We need to support our army and help the boys in Iraq.."

The above is an attempt to discredit a person who has an anti war position.

" It would seem your money is worthless because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

There is very little to argue against a simple statement of truth. The line from deficit spending to the wars is simple enough for anyone to grasp. People are very aware of their money.

Keep it simple and the folks that "lurk" at these websites will have a chance to see the foundation of Dr. Paul's policies instead of some horrible "this or that" printed by a supporter from another campaign.

You'd be surprised at how many people turn away from anything that is negative, then, associating something negative with the whomever the poster supports.

In closing, I feel the "other" candidates are doing a terrific job of being horrible without anyone of us needing to call anyone's attention to it. It seems that history would prove that the majority of campaign's collapse from within. A candidate is better able to provide provide a voter with a reason not to vote for him or her than any rival. Why? We are rivals! Of course we're going to diss Rudy et al...it's our job.

Our candidate is the best choice for our country now and anyone who gives it a little research will agree.

Best to all,