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Hey everyone, notice that the donations have accelerated as the day goes by..... I think more people are getting excited again and jumping on the bandwagon.... or perhaps waking up and watching, or etc. etc...
but if you check the graph at www.ronpaulgraphs.com you will see a sharp uprise in the donations and amounts... and the big push this evening i.e. $10 between 8 and 9 pm should really put a little *kick* in - I am hoping we can reach $500,000 for the day....

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Ron Paul was hoping

Ron Paul was hoping to have $8 million in donations by November 30th. We need to tell him not to aim so low. We are the Ron Paul Revolution and we can do better than that. I know that because we just did. =)

$12 million by December 31st? How about $12 million ON December 16th?


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