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Peter Schiff for Teaparty07

UPDATE: Jason Hommel is now on board with the teaparty07 fundraiser -- so let's not flood him with emails...

Hey Folks,

Peter Schiff, a successful and wealthy investor, has sent out emails recently to his newsletter members endorsing Ron and asking them to donate to him.

Let's make sure Peter knows about the soon-to-be record breaking fundraising day for Ron on December 16th in celebration of the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

We can let them know by sending a very short, polite, comment about the day and asking for their support of this event.

Peter has a lot of very wealthy people in his network and getting them on the bandwagon for this fundraiser could really help boost the numbers.

The link to send Peter a request is:


Here is a sample of what I sent:

For Peter Schiff,

Peter, you have recently endorsed Ron Paul for president. Please ask your members to support him on December 16th, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. This fundraiser promises to be another record breaker. We could use your help.




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that would be amazing!!! Up to 60,000 new donors.

Yeah i saw the 60,000 person mailing...can you imagine just for him alone...

That would be 140 million dollars!

Wow! game over everyone else in the party!

Ron Paul has been choosen as the nominee!

They would all be fighting to be his VP or in his cabinet