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celebrate Christmas(or your favorite winter solstice holiday) with RP

I would like to propose graphic artists or creative types out there create a greeting card with a message of Peace and Prosperity for the holiday season that Ron Paul supporters could download and print out to send to family and friends. If you are sending cards this holiday season why not include a message to promote the one presidential candidate who really could bring us peace and prosperity?

So, any takers?


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Ron Paul Christmas Cards

You can find a beautiful holiday card to help you spread the message of Ron Paul at www.RonPaulChristmasCards.com. These cards are the perfect way to spread Dr. Paul's message without losing the holiday sentiment. FREE SHIPPING and envelopes included.

Inmanshoney, STL, MO

I'm a taker

some inspiration or direction


I was thinking, maybe a short bio/info with picture and ronpaul2008.com on the back and some sort of message of peace and hope and prosperity that tied in with both the holiday and the RP campaign. Nothing that would piss the uninformed off, so not to in your face just pleasant and positive.