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Ron Paul's TV Appearances

As reported on Paulunteer.com

"Kent Snyder, chairman of Ron Paul’s campaign, told a group of us this morning that Ron Paul will very soon be on:CBC (15 minutes tomorrow morning)
60 minutes (a full 12 minute segment)
David Letterman
The View
CNN covered the rally today and interviewed Ron (3rd interview of RP this week on CNN)”

Also, word has it that:

“Dr. Paul has been interviewed over forty times in the last week.”

..... This kind of exposure is what will make a difference in the polls. People who I was talking to about Ron Paul several weeks ago are now coming up to me talking about the good Doctor. It's cool and very hopeful.

I'm from Louisiana and Dr. Paul's message is very attractive to the Citizens. We are a very Reagan State... even more so of a Ron Paul idealogy. We know that the Federal Government isn't working very well as proved during Katrina.

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