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Ron Paul at 18% in New Hampshire Demographic; 7% Overall

USAElectionPolls.com posted two New Hampshire polls today and talked a little about it.

Ron Paul is at 18% in the voters who make less than 50,000 which proves he is the man of the people! Go Ron PAUL GET EMMM WIN

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If I'm not mistaken...

The polls only reflect registered Republican voters. If I'm right, this does not take into account all the young college crowd signing up for Ron Paul, nor the democrats who are crossing over to vote for him. Even some of the more mature (read older) Americans that have been apathetic to elections are signing up. The polls are very biased and I suspect a double or triple percentage of what they actually report.

Note the timing of poll..

In the article they mention how this round of polling was done prior to the positive publicity and newfound "credibility" of the money bomb. The next set of polling data (though I don't put too much stock in) should be very interesting.


Here's where I think it's coming from

Republicans tend to be, on the average more affluent than democrats. One would therefore expect most of his converts to republicans (from some other party) to be less affluent that their more longstanding republican counterparts. That could explain some of the income disparity.