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Does anyone know if there are any Nascar drivers supporting Ron Paul? I just read that Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson gave $2300.00 to Giuliani. Oh my! I'd like to see Jr.(Earnhart) get behind Dr. Paul.

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Was there a banner flown over the race today?


Put his campagn logo on the hood!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I wonder how much money it costs.

Anyone know?

How about a Superbowl commercial?


That would be awesome. Are they even allowed to do that?

Bumper sticker

Be cool to see a RP bumper sticker on his car.

I just got

A blue RP sticker on a Mercedes yesterday!!! :) And even though my old Honda's crappy, I'm going to replace the original faded-blue sticker with one of these snazzy new ones.

Folks, also be sure to make your laptops harder to steal and better-looking by putting Ron Paul bumper stickers on the backsides of your screens. If anything, because of the ability to talk about it, this works BETTER for outreach than putting stickers on the backside of your car, for many people. But do both!!