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You've all seen the 88 interview, now watch the 1987 interview!

Of all the candidates running today, who can go back thru 20 years of footage and find them saying the same things today?


Remember the bible story of revelation where 2 witnesses whom are said to have been taken up by the Lord in their lifetimes, never to have died, (assumed body and soul into Heaven) only to be sent back during the end of days to preach the gospels to all peoples during the great tribulation, and that no one would be able to harm them? Well, I don't really believe that (no offense), but I do see a huge secular parallel in Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul is as close to a founder as you can get, and he is preaching the message of the Constitution in a time of great tribulation. As if the founders themselves have been made manifest in this awesome individual, walking among us, as one of us, who has quietly and humbly spoken the same message throughout his entire public service, in an attempt to restore what once was.

Even in walking completely alone most of the time against the entire establishment, he did not falter. No one could stop him, and no one will stop him. As a man of flesh and bone he can be ignored or destroyed yes, but as an ideal, as a symbol, as an idea, as a message, that is timeless, that is everlasting and can never be stamped out.

I can't help but think of Thomas Paine and the powerful words he wrote that helped ignite the passion that served as the fuel for action among the multitudes.

Ron Paul is, Ron Paul was, Ron Paul will always be, as are the framers of the Constitution and all the men and women who fought for our Independence, and those who continue to do so. You can never get rid of that, ever.

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