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California Primary -- Registered "Decline to State"

There seems to be some confusion as to the nature of the California Primary.


California has a "modified closed primary," which means that voters registered as decline to state may vote a party's ballot in the primary only if that party allows.

According to the recent articles I've read, the Democratic Party will allow decline to state voters access to the Democratic ballot in February, 2008; as of now, the Republican Party will not.


It is possible that the Republican party will reverse this decision prior to the February primary; but that's a crap shoot at best.

The only way to vote for Paul in the primary is as a registered Republican.

In order to change party affiliation in the California, you must re-register to vote. The deadline for this is January 21, 2008

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Only Democrat Declines huh?

That is very interesting. I did not know that the Republican party had the say...I thought it was some sort of California election law or something. If what you say is true then we should all make sure to tell all of our friends and family of this who support Ron Paul. Announce this at your local Meetup Group(s) as well if you are apart of one. Switching to Republican is the safe way to go...don't gamble on it hoping something will turn in your favor. Don't be embarrased to switch to (R). Just do it for this primary if your some shy or feel ashamed because of the Neo-Republicans, then switch back to something you feel comfortable with.

- Brennan

From the Secretary of State's website

Here is the definition of the modified closed primary according to the Secretary of State:

California currently has a "modified" closed primary system. SB 28 (Ch. 898, Stats. 2000), relating to primary elections, was chaptered on September 29, 2000 and took effect on January 1, 2001. SB 28 implemented a "modified" closed primary system that permits unaffiliated ("decline to state") voters to participate in a primary election, if authorized by an individual party's rules and duly noticed by the Secretary of State.


I must also correct my previous post -- The Republican primary will remain closed!

The deadline for party's to determine open or closed status for the primary was September 23, 2007.

Here's an easy way to change your party affiliation:

Fill out the online voter registration form:


They will mail you a copy which you sign and return. Postage is prepaid.

Decline to state

You can be quite sure that this has everything to do with Ron Paul as the GOP heads know that he's getting many independent types to vote for him. It's not enough that many primaries/caucuses have been moved up, and now they may take delegates away from those states. And they are leaving the delegate removal option open.....I'm sure to see if Ron wins some of those states so they can take the action accordingly........how unbelievable. If they are going to be fair, they would make that decision immediately so all would know the ground rules ahead. Then again, if they were wanted to be fair, they would count the votes without manipulative machines. No conspiracy? Smell the coffee people. Maybe not one big, just a whole lot of little ones.

Bob W., Naples, FL

GOP Message

I'm sure you're correct.

If all the candidates were of the same party line ilk, the Republican primary would most likely be open.

The Republican party has long touted itself as a proponent of smaller government; yet here is a candidate willing to point out the obvious fallacies of that reputation. They are unhappy and frightened.

Furthermore, it seems that the GOP believes we are too lazy or apathetic to bother changing party affiliation.

Let's prove them wrong.

The following is certainly repetitive; but important enough to warrant reiteration:

An online voter registration form is available through the Secretary of State website: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm

Once the form is completed, a copy will be mailed to you for signature. Sign and return using the prepaid envelope, and presto -- you are now Republican for a day.