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"Lions for Lambs" a must see!

We just got back from seeing the Robert Redford film "Lions for Lambs" the movie that the government and media together are desperately trying to discourage Americans from seeing. This movie is packed with stars and is one of the most brilliant films that Redford has produced to this date. Redford is a very private man and does not like to be in the limelight but when he was on Larry King Live, you could see the concern and worry in his comments and his love for America.

This film covers the truth about what is happening in our country today, the greedy controlling politician, the journalist who knows that she has been a part of a media travesty in propaganda, the professor who is trying to encourage our youth to stop the apathy and make a difference in our country and most importantly, our military who are the most dedicated protectors of liberty in the world and how they are sacrificing their lives in a belief that they are protecting us and their country. This is only the second movie in my life that I have been moved to the point of tears. This film is truly one of the biggest honors to our men in uniform.

This movie is about what Ron Paul is fighting against for us and for America. I hope that every American ignores the attempt of the media and our government to keep us from seeing the truth for the first time in decades. Please get the word out and support knowledge and freedom!

"Evil can only prevail if good men remain silent"

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I am in, spread the word,

Go Ron Paul.
I cant believe there are people that never saw V for Vendetta. The same one that the media tranished.
Go see "Lions for Lambs"

Could of been a Ron Paul Ad

I just got back from seeing this film. It really could of been a Ron Paul ad. I kept saying over and over, "This is what we've all been talking about. I really recommend it to any Ron Paul supporter. This is what we are all fighting for.

Robert Redford

Said when he was interviewed on Larry King Live, that this was not a anti-war movie, when Larry asked him that. I agree it is not a anti-war/ anti-soldier/ anti/-support. It's a." here is what is happening, what are YOU going to do about it" movie.

The neo-cons HATE this movie.

Hannity and his ilk have stated it's left wing propoganda, un-American trash that insults and dispirits our military. They then instruct their sheep not to go see it because if they did they might draw a conclusion different than what they've been fed by these fools.

It's amazing how they do whatever they can to control their followers. It's really sad that these dolts are considered "experts" on politics, and people actually believe them.

Don't be stepping on each

Don't be stepping on each other now in handing out slim jims and videos of RP to patrons of Lions for Lambs ;-)

How about...

I haven't seen it yet but based on what you say, how about we handout Ron Paul material relevant to the themes of the movie. There can be no better time to catch people than right when they are emotionally connected to these issues at the end of the movie - when they'll be charged up to do something about it - and we'll be there to show them how they can. As they walk out we just offer some handouts and say something like, "here's how we can fight back". We could connect with thousands of people very easily this way. What do you think?






Great idea!

The theatre we went to was a small theatre and we went to the 12:00 show but even then, walking out we wished that we had slimjims to hand out. One thing that really surprised me was that after the movie ended, everyone just sat there numb watching the credits. You could tell that it was it is a VERY powerful and life altering film.


It has been years since I have seen a movie but this sounds like something I would spend the money to see. Thanks

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

A Soldiers loyality

Part of it is a great telling of a soldiers loyality to his friend........ no matter what.