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I don't know enough about programming, but I'm a gamer, my roomates are gamers, and it's amazing how much support Ron Paul will be getting from gamers who virtually have never voted. There needs to a website dedicated to Ron Paul's stances against internet tax, for free speech, etc, all things that gamers care about. There could be forums like this site and ronpaulforums.com but have different mainstream games like:

Halo Players for Paul
Wow Players for Paul
Everquest Players for Paul


Do you think it's a good idea? I absolutely can't do this though, but I think it could be a GREAT way to connect this voting block to the only one that will stand up for them.

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Geeks sounds better

be a little more inclusive rather than specific.



Those are great! Someone

Those are great! Someone needs to make this site so Ron Paul fans can advertise through video games that our freedoms are under siege

all of your base are belong to me

im in ur internetz, steeling ur freedoms.

gamers for paul

I've seen a youtube about gamers for Paul: called Save your Game.

Perhaps the creators of this video could help.
It's great, by the way.

Well I was thinking a .com

Well I was thinking a .com site like christiansforronpaul.com and veteransforpaul.org

Apparantly people were using the Halo forums to increase donations and there are ways to talk to a lot of the players in the game at once so you can spam ron paul to hundreds or even thousands of people at once. Having a gamersforpaul.com site or something easily accessed I think will give be a good way to increase support and donations.

Free website and builder...


My 10 year old son built his own gamer site for free with the tool above...

I'm trying to get an account

I'm trying to get an account at ronpaulforums.com just because it has a better chance at being read. There's too many people on this site now for the way its laid out!

good idea

That is a good idea but I don't know anything about computers. I can give your post a bump thought.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

bump? Anyone know someone

bump? Anyone know someone that would be interested in throwing a website together?

Great idea

unfortunately this doesn't describe me!