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stress test from Paulunteer.com
On November 11th, 2007 cazeringue says:
STRESS TEST on November 11th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM eastern time.

Everyone needs to give just Ten Dollars on November 11th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM eastern time.

This server test has three purposes:

#1 To give RON PAUL the greatest number of small donations in a single hour (and thus more free media coverage).

#2 To lend an additional boost to the www.ThisNovember11th.com Veteran’s Day fundraiser.

#3 To STRESS TEST the RON PAUL 2008 donation server leading up to the BOSTON TEA PARTY on December 16th — http://www.teaparty07.com/.

Please schedule this $10 Dollar Donation event in your individual meetup groups.

The e-Campaign Director, Justine Lam, is aware of and supportive of this initative and has said that “Yes, I think we could handle it”.
Now it is up to us to perform the $10 test to find out

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Another Load!

You guys talked me into it! Now I really have to wait until we get paid..... But, what a cause!

Now that I am totally

Now that I am totally frustrated, I am going to call it a night. TIme to evalute wether I am truely putting in enough effort (not money) to push this movement to the next step. :( :~ : I

Fire up those servers.

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Looks like a nice little BUMP in donations

14 more minutes..... of stress.

On the 5th we averaged 1747

On the 5th we averaged 1747 donors an hours. that was average so for the stress test we would need like 10,000 to donate in an hour to see if we can break the machine. I am not too sure we are even going to break the 1747 mark from the 5th, tonight.

Not every idea works, but every push helps

Yes, it ended up with 518 donations in that hour. Still a few hours, and then we can analyze and learn from the results.

Just dropped *two* $11.11 bombs..... two statements at once

Wow, watch the numbers roll - I donated twice $11.11 made two statements at once - HERES FOR DR. RON PAUL ON VETERANS DAY AND TO BRING OUR TROOPS HOME AND SAVE THEM and to stress test....

Does anyone

Know how much was brought in so far today? I can't remember the number of dollars yesterday.


186K currently as of 7:10

186K currently as of 7:10 EST

Putting another $11.11 in now :)

Putting another $11.11 in now :)

I dropped a $100

Here is my comfirmation reply page:

Thank you for your generous donation of $100.00!

Contribution received!
Thank you very much for your donation to the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Your donation will allow us to expand and grow our campaign.

We depend on donors like you to help us spread the message of freedom, peace and prosperity through Ron Paul’s candidacy.

You will receive an email shortly with a confirmation number.


U-Tube members are also posting to join the stress test - again its *only* $10 - go raid your kid's piggy-banks.... promise them a 15% interest repay... (well it is for a good cause)

Any links?

Keep the stress test at the top this hour!

It's Go time!

Its time to smoke the servers at the RP headquaters. Thank you all for joining the good fight and lets cross our fingers.

Credit cards are charge but

Credit cards are charge but Debit cards should not be in most cases. As far as fees.

Damn Guess I am in for $100 bones.

Love you Guys/Gals keep up the good fight!

do small donations help?

aren`t there fees involved?each donation has a processing charge i believe.Why give 20% of your donation to the middleman?

Can someone give a breakdown of payment methods vs. costs?

walter whitt

20% is a bit over estimated

20% is a bit over estimated unless the donation is like $2.

Generally, rates charged for online credit card processing are under 3% and depending on the type of processing account they set up, a $0.30 fee may be attached. Of course that fee probably is different between processing companies.

What it comes down to is, if you kick down $5, at least $4.50 will be going to the campaign.

Credit card fee only around 40 cents

A typical charge for online credit card use is 2% plus 20 cents. So for $10 charges, we're talking $9.60 going to the campaign.

If other candidates like Huckabee are requesting only $10...

Huckabee is only asking each of his supporters to donate $10... so obviously it must help- I *know* paypal is probably charging 3% fee but thats nothing, I ought to know, I have a business on the internet and thats what they suck from each transaction....

good enuff for me.i just

good enuff for me.i just dont want to see a $10 donation cost $11 to "process"

walter whitt

I cant believe I have to bump my own topic...

bump.... Huckabee is only asking *his* people to donate $10....

Feeling Stressed?

Bump it up!


How about under the Sofa, In a shoe box, your wife's purse, your husbands wallet, or kids piggybank, your neighbors car... just one $10 donation 7 to 8 pm


Record number of donations starts in 30 minutes - please donate at least *once* ten dollars during 7 to 8 pm EASTERN TIME - we can set a record folks - ANOTHER HEADLINE ON MONDAY... RON PAUL DRAWS 30,000 DONATIONS IN ONE HOUR!!!!

If we get 5 more replies to

If we get 5 more pledges to this post I am droping another $100

We only have 2400 donars

We only have 2400 donars today is this 7pm to 8 pm EST a go or what? Are we all sitting here waiting to click away? I hope so!

In five minutes

I'm kicking in my $100

This is "Stress" relief :0)

You read my mind... I just

You read my mind... I just deleted my thread about the stress test ;)

Don't do that

Take the stress test today!

It was the exact same

It was the exact same thread... title with date/time and the body being the same exact details.

There was no need for two of the exact same thing.