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lets break 5 million for the week-80k more to do this!

Everyone we are doing great!

Keep it up..80k more for 5 million in one week!

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It's more like 300K, ...

... but if there are offline donations that haven't been added into the chart, then I'd say we will hit it. I don't think we are likely to hit much higher than 275K today (and probably will be something closer to 250K), but that's still tremendous! Think about it -- go look at most of the stats and this is just not the type of fundraising that usually occurs on a Sunday.

My guess is that there is enough offline's that haven't been added in to the charts that it will be true that this week raised more than Q3. Awesome!

Now, if I can recommend to the campaign an idea: spend some of that money on paying people to go collect signatures to get Ron on the ballot in the second wave of primary states. It wouldn't take much and could really help those efforts a great deal.

Of course, spend like mad in the first wave of primary states. Because we need to show well there for the rest to be possible.

What I love though is that Dr. Paul has the resources to actually do that now.

ronpaulgraphs shows only 185k left for 5.1M week

http://www.ronpaulgraphs.com/ shows on 185k left for 5.1M week.

But great idea on the offline donations. I wrote them and asked to see if they would donate this now.

Please do the same. The more that write them the better.

Good ideas on the ballot access also

you are right


Looks like you are right they were not correct on TV according to the FEC filing that opensecrets also must have used.

Well we can still get above those numbers or as close as possible and you would assume the campaign does have a lot of offline money they could add when they want to do so.

Q3 total was higher

I think the diff in our math is that Dr. Paul raised 5.25, not 5.1 in q3. I'm using the numbers from opensecrets.org.

i think the head on open secrets still has the leftovers from q2

i think from what i could see on the header of a file on open secrets they listed 5.3 million but i think this is confused with the left over money of q2 in the bank that was added onto the 5.1milion...

i will check other spots...

This is what Ron said on CNN to wolf blitzer so i want to make sure that they both arent wrong.

Do you have the link?

I would like to go and check it out..that is different what the campaign told everyone and showed the media..

I posted it in reply to your post below

but here it is again: http://opensecrets.org/pres08/index.asp?cycle=2008

It's roughly what you said. Just a little higher in terms of what was raised in Q3 itself.

Separately, I am blown away every time I look at the site and see just how much Romney has loaned his campaign.

are you also counting the left over they had in Q3?

Are you also counting the left over money they had in Q3.

They said about 5.1M plus they had another 200-300k left over in the bank rounding up to 5.4M to start this quarter with.


Here's the website I pulled the numbers from. They take the info straight from the FEC filings of the candidates.



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Just think what we've

Just think what we've accomplished. On Sunday last week, the ticker was around $2.7M. A week later... you know the rest. One hell of a week.

Liberty and freedom are powerful when they move in unison.


Which means we've surpassed Q3 eranings in just one week...Wow!

yeah the press is noticeing

Ron is getting tons of free press, his polls are going up, everything is coming together on the flyers, door to door, delegates, etc..

This thing can go on autopilot til dec 16th if we can at least hit that 400k goal tonight and make veterans day the 2nd top earning day of the entire quarter for now!

Using ronpaulgraphs and extropolating from makeing 400k tonight puts us within striking range without offline donations to double Q3's earnings prior to the last debate with FOX in IOWA....

I think between this and the poll bump up to 9-10% in the next three weeks in iowa things will change!

i did the same

lets blow the lid on this.

400-500k would be the 2nd best day in the quarter behind the 5th

It would mean we crossed 8 million at the half quarter week point

It would mean we mean more money in one week than the entire last quarter.

It would also put us on course for over 10M by the start of Dec 1...

That would mean we would double our Q3 earnings just before the Fox debate!

This is not a small thing!

It all hinges on tonight!

Lets do it!

I just spammed 2x $50s. And

I just spammed 2x $50s. And looks like we may be picking up speed. It would be great to get to $5.1M for this single week.

We need the rate of donations to increase to at least about 50 on this graph. Thats $50K/hr we need to hit the $200K needed by midnight.


Thats better our rate just

Thats better our rate just jumped to $20K/hr, which is the best of the day we need still more. I'm putting in another $100.

I wonder if there are any

I wonder if there are any offline donations they can put in before midnight to put us over. I'm sure some people timed some donations for that. My sister in CA did exactly that, she doesn't use a credit card (I didn't ask why.)

great idea

yeah email the campaign..and ask everyone else to do the same.

They probably do have monies that they have posted on the system as of yet

We the supporters

are spam technicians;)