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Today's Poll Results Show Excellent Trend

Surf over to pollster.com and dig into the full results of the first NH polls since the November 5th event. Though neither can fully reflect that blitz and the succeeding 3 days of high publicity, the 5th plus the ads and campaigning in NH have had a clear effect.

The Boston Globe Poll and UNH both place Dr. Paul at 7% among likely GOP primary voters as has been referenced here at DP earlier today. But did you know the UNH poll had RP at 2% in October, while Giuliani and McCain were higher last month? Fred Thompson's support has been halved to 5%, and he's off the radar screen in the Globe's poll. Polls are flawed yes. But TRENDS matter, and this is good stuff.

Lastly, dig into the demographics of the Globe poll. Fascinating material on age support, incomes, and those extremely interested in the primary. RP's numbers among those who 'may vote' are high, so get out the vote efforts will be important.