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Veteran's Day: Sunday and Monday

Thank you for honoring our Veterans and supporting Ron Paul's campaign with your contribution. Veteran's Day is actually on Sunday, Nov 11 but it is an observed holiday on Monday, Nov 12 as well. Your contribution on either day is most welcome. When you contribute, you are standing tall with thousands of others who agree with this message:

The best way to support our armed service members now is to bring them home from the occupation of Iraq. The US Constitution was designed to guard individual liberty, not the aggression of an empire.

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Final results

The final results for our Nov 11 Veteran's Day fundraiser appear to be the following:

We started at $7,823,646 and ended with $8,057,822 which indicates that we raised

$234,176 in one day to honor Veterans in support of Ron Paul

Not too bad, patriots! Not too bad.

Please note the Boston Tea Party Dec 16th effort, which has momentum including an endorsement from Ron Paul himself.

I'm onboard. How about you?

Good post!

futureinmind reminds us that freedom brings people together


Threats to privacy

Follow this forum

and this one

Are you a domestic terrorist?

Become a delegate

The next step in the Revolution is to become a delegate

Watch this:


Spread the anger

Here's a recent forum that I support:


In this forum, a YouTube video is recommended called

How to create an angry American

To keep the Veteran's Day forum in the top 10, I'm going to post video links of a similar nature. Please feel free to join me with links to your favorite videos...or any other post to keep this forum active.

Thank you.

Marine to God

From LRC blog
"This young Marine's story of post-war trauma and suicidal thoughts is tragic and tear-jerking. As usual, the warmakers in Washington couldn't have cared less about what he had to say about the war they sent him to fight. Thanks to the LA Times for this extraordinary journalism. He concludes, "What have we gained...what have we accomplished?" Listen to his conclusions about the war and killing, and you realize this young man has a strong mind and a humane soul."


I just would like to thank Bush and Cheney and the other war makers in Washington for what they are doing to our finest men.



We are the ones we have been waiting for


9:00 PM ET

At 9:00 PM ET donors have contributed a total of


to honor Veteran's Day.

Current Report

Please visit


for a current report on money donated and the number of donors

the numbers look good!

the numbers look good!