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The new Flag Wavers

For a movement to be a movement it must begin with a very potent truth. The flame once ignited must be fed with good fuel. If after initial ignition only wet and rotten kindling are available the fire soon dies. The light goes out. Then only smoke is produced biting the eye which would otherwise be willing to open.

When the U.S.A. was attacked an upsurge of patriotism resulted which has not often been matched in our nation's history. At least on the surface. Yellow ribbon magnets and camouflaged ones too clung like badges of cheapened honor to most every patriot's carriage. "Support our Troops !" was the call of the day to forever distinguish us from the days of another all too similar war in Vietnam. Slowly those magnet ribbons dropped away as we began to doubt that heady bandwagon was still a political benefit to ride so publicly.

Now we see an new awakening. An awakening to that tender and precious core of our Republic. To many it will be joined just as any other fashionable wave is joined without thought or understanding. Joined for only the appearance of being safely and rightly in the majority. Quite a few people simply do not think and never will dare to form a question and absorb an answer. They only know how to imitate.

This Ron Paul for President campaign is going to grow very rapidly from here on to his inevitable landslide victory one year from now in the general election. We will see many jump on this bandwagon waving the constitution as the banner of freedom in much the same manner our old glory was thoughtlessly bandied about in post 9/11 days.

It is always the same. As in past national purposes the superficial will tend with blind force to overwhelm the meaning and purpose of this vital restoration. As the body grows compromises will be demanded and the authority of the sacred writ will once again be drowned out by mob rule. Today we can still see who is the enemy of the constitution. By their vile actions we know them. Tomorrow our greatest threat will be the abundant lack of perception or any real grasp of liberty being gained by the many in this growing group of newly adopting proponents.

Above all, the education of those who already agree and believe they understand will be the greatest challenge to complete and that duty most critical to a lasting meaning to all our present struggles.

May God be with us.

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