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Join Ron Paul Friends, USA today!

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visit www.ronpaulfriendsusa.com

Dear Friends of Ron Paul,

Please read on to learn more about this amazing organization called Ron Paul Friends USA, and I hope you will join us!

Dick Mills, founder, says a few words about his organization below:

"The Ron Paul Friends USA Plan

RON PAUL FRIENDS USA is a privately funded organization, not connected to, directed by, nor authorized by, the Ron Paul for President 2008 national campaign. Our mission is to effectively organize the grassroots movement for Ron Paul for President and provide educational, motivational, and campaign materials.

We are building this from the bottom up and the top down and anything in between. If you want Ron Paul as your next President then we need you to make a commitment by volunteering at some level to take charge of an area whether it be a precinct leader, area leader, county leader, or just a block walker hanging "door hangers".

Please sign up on the home page.

You will need your Precinct # off your voter registration card or search for your precinct under your Secretary of State's office website.

Get involved NOW!

We only have a few months to get organized in every precinct before the first Primaries/Caucus' start in December."

-- Dick Mills, founder, RPFUSA

We currently have over 1,000 members nationwide. And, we're just getting started! Let's not just hope Ron Paul gets elected. Let's make sure he does!

Visit: www.ronpaulfriendsusa.com for more info.

Join us today!

Hope for America

** Please forward this message and/or post to everyone in your networks **

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Ron Paul Friends USA is an

Ron Paul Friends USA is an organized approach to uniting all the Ron Paul Effort across the country. We have a site of interactive inter related state sites that can function as a coordinating dashboard for all Ron Paul Activity.

What this grassroots campaign needs to focus on is contacting the individuals that live in neighborhoods all across America. We need to call them on the phone and go out and knock on their doors and tell them about Ron Paul.

We have the candidate. He has the right message. He is the most worthy person to run for president in the last 200 years.

Ron Paul friends is all about coordinating this activity to make sure that all areas are covered and activity is not duplicated waisting valuable volunteer resources.

We have a system to manage voter data and maximize volunteer resources.

We have a communication system to improve coordination.

We have a reporting system to gage success and the lack thereof. This will help us insure complete coverage if all areas and help propagate what works well and improve areas that are not working well.

If you want to volunteer, join up at http:\\www.ronpaulfriendsusa.com and your state chairman will be in contact with you soon.