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Tea for 6,000

We just passed the 6,000 mark:


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Ron Paul's endorsement

It's not hard to get the impression that the decision has definitely been made with regards to Dec 16 as the fundraising day with the most momentum. Ron Paul mentioned it specifically in Face the Nation.

We have just over a month to spread the word and gain enormous momentum.

That was mostly a given. I

That was mostly a given. I myself didn't push 11/11 hard with anyone, but definitely promoted the 12/16.

With over 4 weeks remaining, I think we have more time to gather support than for 11/5 which we only had 3 weeks worth of time. Not to mention a starting list of 18,000 which hasn't been informed yet. And now that those that do sign up and donated before are all fired up about the major impact 11/5 had, I bet we are going to recruit something close to the 100K mark.

Lets just pray and hope.

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To see video of Ron Paul endorsing, as close as he can, the Boston Tea Party Fundraising effort, go here:


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