Tea Party 07 - December 16 - Spread the Word!

The following email comes from eLIB3RTY, the video artist who created one of best independent Ron Paul videos on the 'net today - Ron Paul: A New Hope:

In honor of Trevor Lyman's incredible November 5th organized fundraiser, $4.38 million raised for Dr. Paul in 24 hours, the most successful one-day online political donation in history -- I've coordinated with Trevor and made a new video to promote his next effort --- the Ron Paul Tea Party '07 on December 16th. My "Ron Paul: A New Hope" video just passed 760,000 views and is one of the most successful political viral videos ever. If we translate the same viral momentum for this new Tea Party video, we should be able to have the most successful one-day fundraising event in our nation's history.

Ron Paul: Tea Party '07


Watch the video and sign up now for Tea Party 07!

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Bah Bah Bowie

Bah Bah Bowie

I just called Brian and the Judge and asked

"I probably know your answer on this but could you ask Shaun (hannity) That if Ron Paul gets the nomination for president would he support him for office.


Watch freedomtofascism.com

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

We need 10 million for the infomercial!

This time our goal MUST be 10 million.

I remember the Ross Perot infomercial costing like 8 million to run on primetime and that was 1992...

If the doc will do this it will take veeerry deep pockets... but the infomercial is our only hope of educating the masses on RP's little understood non-interventionist (especially explain "blowback") and monetary policies (especially the competing currencies issue)

Ron Paul and the Tea Party

Ron Paul is the New Iphone on the Internet

I have been wanting for days now to share some ideas about the new fundraising efforts
and the ones from November 5th.

I want to talk about November 5th first, then talk about the results from it, and then finish
with some thoughts on December 16th - Tea Party Aniversary.

November 5th. Well, there is nothing new about what happened last week, by now
even the native people from Pery probably heard what Ron Paul supporters did.
I admit I am a huge Fan of the movie, V for vendetta, and the catch frase, Remember, Remember
the 5th of November, was probaly the most mentioned before and after the Ron Paul money bomb.

But, why would some 40K suporters get behind such an idea of raising as much money as possible
specially during November 5th? The day itself has something to do, but not all.
Yes it reminds us of the recent movie, but most important, it inspires you to raise against odds,
to revelt agaisnt the control of the media that tells you, you are supporting the wrong candidate
even when you attend rally with thousands of like minded people like you

And even as you may not agree with all of them, you agree in a few things, You want your freedom
protected, and you are willing to support a Presidential candidate for it.

If there is a bad guy to thanks for what happened that day, it is the Media, for ignoring you,
your ideas, but beyond ignoring you, they also attack you when they can.

The results from Nov 5th.
I, being one of the biggest supporters behind the idea, but just like you, a motivated money donnor
had no idea what to expect from it, I admit I was afraid we would come short from 2 million
But by 7 am ET, I was afraid we may actually pass 5 million.

The first thing I did when I got up, was to turn my computer on, go to Ron Paul website and donate
my pledge of 100 dollars and wish for the best.

Later that Night, Major TV networks and News Sites were scrambling to cover what was happening
it was a Media Frenzy by late night, and the news took the country by surpise by next morning

4.28 million in 24 hours, after this Ron Paul was more popular than all candidates combined for that week

The amount of FREE coverage seem lilke a long awaited and a Plan completed, we had shown the country
what we are capable of.

December 16, Aniversary of the Tea party.

Why would we try again?, Well, we may have many reasons, The job is not done yet, we want to repeat what we did
on Nov 5th, we want to get the attention of the nation again. You can mention a few

But probably you should think why we need to do it
This age and day, Money plays a Huge role on Presidential Elections
Tv Ads, Radio and News Paper are a costly method to use, but a necesity due to the fact that many
potential suporters still use these methods to get their daily exposure to the world

We need to change peoples choice for candidate before the elections start, we need more exposure
and face recognition, and we need money for it

We are running against the clock, because we need to do all of this before the new year starts
I dont know much about Politics, but there is this feeling on the air that by ealry January only those
candidates with strong support from their supporters will remain

We have many other things to acomplished, like reaching a fair amount of delegates from each state
also voter registration, and party switch for those that are register as democrat

We need to prepare the best we can, be the strongest we can, and be as cool as we can doin it

If The Iphone was the most anticipated electronic device of the summer, we need to Make
Dr Ron Paul the most wanted canidate of the New Year

Our moment of truth and Political Surprise is aproaching, please Join us this December 16 and let's
start a revolution again. This Time we are taking supporters and are not releasing them.


Send messages to others

I sent the following message, and I encourage you to do the same so that support for this fundraiser grows.

Hello Ron Paul supporters!

The Nov 5th fundraising event was so successful that the community of online Ron Paul supporters has decided to have another one on Dec 16.

Here's a video request for your support:


From my experience, signing up at the following website won't result in
any spam to your inbox. By signing up, you demonstate support for
Ron Paul and help this fundraising event to gain momentum.

Here's the website for signing up to participate on Dec 16:



Great work. You are an artist. Thanks

Could not get over the smirk of RG in the video. Apparently he has been giggling in previous debates, making pooh, pooh faces etc.
I think if would make a wonderful video "The smirks of RG" during so called professional Presidential debates. That assumes that the videos of those situations are available somewhere. He is a cartoon character
and the country should know more about his antics.

YouTube link

Use this link in your email messages to meetup groups, family, and friends to help spread the message:



Another great video by the vigilent Ron Paul supporters out there.

We already have 9900 + signed up, with 35 days to go!!!!

Michigan Patriot

Michigan Patriot

this video is great

So much outstanding work being done by so many people. Thank you, Jonathan!

Yep, I also think that Ron

Yep, I also think that Ron Paul stating that they have raised more from the military than all the other Republican candidates combined is wrong, too. I think they have only raised more from them than any other individual candidate.

We're doing great!

We already have 9,147 pledges at 9:25 pm EST 11/12/07. This is about 3000 subscribers today. And we still have over a month left to get more pledges. At this rate we'll easily be on track for beating the Nov 5th record.


Wow, this video is STUNNING work!

A piece of joy and beauty. Congratulations to Trevor and his fellow patriots who put this thing together!

I am donating more

I donated $330.00 on nov 4th. $30.00 of that was from a friend at work that didnt have a banking account so I donated for him. Like I said before I am not a rich man by any means. I intend on donating more on dec 16th.

Contact info for trevor

He is set up in miami do you have an email? my neck of the woods.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."


Very nicely done. Excellent work. I'm in, of course. Spread the word to the message boards you frequent. Tell your friends and family how much fun you are having. Everyone wishes they had been a part of the Tea Party!

Everyone get 10 people to commit to 12-16 www.teaparty07.com

If we (about 30,000+) all get 10 people to commit to 12-16 our day will be a huge success. www.teaparty07.com - get them to sign your pledge sheet and sign up at the website. Follow up with them a few times to answer any questions about our platform.

This requires many signs, door to door, leaving a trail of slim jims, phone calls, bumper stickers, RP t-shirts, meetup group activities etc.

So let's each get to to commit to 12-16, this will take work, but it needs to be done. Get 100 if you can, but we can each get 10 people in 1 month to save our constitution, can't we?

Tie into 1776

I like the idea of not just $100 but $117.76 or better yet $177.60. And if you are a newcomer and haven't given anything so far but can afford it...$1,776 would be nice . Let's keep it as tied to this historical event as possible.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

This has to be HUGE.

I will be in for $100 on December 16. In addition, I want to see boots on the ground on that day. We should all be out in force. I would love to see Ron Paul Revolution signs everywhere--statehouses, federal reserve banks, the U.S. Capitol building, the CFR headquarters. We should be sending the message that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

"Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions." Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

How about a cheap way to demonstrate our influence/meetups?

Does anyone think a massive effort chalking "google Ron Paul" onto streets that day would be fun? I might do it anyway here in Brevard, but it would be really cool if 1000 other people did it that day, too. Chalk lasts until it rains, and it would tell the others we can all-do-something in an even more "graphic" way than Nov. 5th. :)

Yard Signs

I'm not artistic but I'd like to put up a yard sign with Ron Paul and the Tea Party 07 website. Has anyone made one up that I can print?


Very well done! I'm going to be .flv-ing that and putting it on my memory stick full of Ron Paul vids! This is one of the best videos, yet.

These videos are such great campaign tools. All you have to do is start the videos and in a matter of minutes, there's a new Ron Paul supporter!

Same here

just as of this weekend I will be donating $100 to the tea party, taxes and government both are too large it is time to have them all reined in.

I also will be sending this video to a large amount of people who will also
be donating.

The bomb on November 5th was GREAT let's make this bomb the one
that shook the 5ths bomb against status quo in Washington.

GO rEVOLution !!!!!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

wonderful video..

Thanks to whoever put this video together.. it is a concise, moving introduction to Dr. Paul and his main points. I'm sending the link to all ends of the Earth, and my wife and I have each pledged 100 bones to the Tea Party. We can't really afford it, but we certainly can't afford to have any of the other candidates in the White House for the next 4 years.. let them not say that we did nothing, even when we couldn't afford it.. lol.

The "True Test"...Ron Paul or Sunday NFL Football?

December 16th is on a Sunday. The American People are often programmed to pay attention to entertainment. Distractions are a weapon against Freedom.

We must focus to what's at stake...Football must take a backseat...at least for 3 minutes.

It only takes 3 minutes to donate $100.
Save America for the sake of our Liberty.

Gold! Baby gold! Digg

Gold! Baby gold! Digg itttt..
As for the cnn bit, it doesn't hurt - new comers are going to go wowwww!
More people will be swaying for him, rather than against him. [should some non-supporter point it out] they'll get drowned out anyway. Nah no need to cut it... this ones going viral.. you'd have to remove it, and it'll cut momentum. nah hell no. This ones gold.

I'm in

Okay guys, I'm in. I pledged a hundred.

I did not really have $100 to spare on the 5th of November, but, as they say in muzzleloading clubs, I shot my wad. I just got back into town and don't have much for 11/11.

However, I will be reloaded by Dec. 16th.

$3042 per MINUTE

Man, I love the movie, but is there any way we can correct the stat of $3042 per second?...because it's wrong. It should be $3042 per MINUTE. It kind of makes me cringe every time I hear it, fearing that some skeptic will also do the math and think the whole thing is bogus.

I know this is CNN's error, not our own, but by including it a grassroots video (which is likely to be seen by the masses), now we are responsible for it. Maybe I'm just letting the engineer in me take hold...but I can't stand giving false stats that are so easy calculated and check for yourself.

Yeah I noticed that too. She

Yeah I noticed that too. She should have said minute, not second. That last statement should simply be clipped.

Then the segment would cease at the point in her calculations where she talks about the per hour amount. I don't think there will be much "blowback" from it but its better to be totally accurate.


..Without the truth we have nothing


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Stupid Dino Media dunces.

OK, that's not very nice, but sheesh... such sloppy work on their part, and now we have to clean up *their* mess!

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


$3,042 a second? No, we wish. It was $3,042 a minute. That miscalculation from that announcer has bee repeated in numerous Ron Paul clips. It would be helpful if the overpaid talking heads in our mass media were numerate.

Ha, you beat me

to the punch. I have ben seeing the stat repeated for several days hoping that it would go away, but it seems to keep getting replayed, and this video has potential to be huge, so I strongly encourage the editor to correct this.

I'm also glad to see that there are other Paul supporters who are critical/skeptical of their information.

Yikes !

This was just SO well done and moving and touching and right.

The music was especially effective; it make everything seem movingly historic and significant. Well wow.

I never quite got the LOVE part of the rEVOLution until I saw it manifest in the dedication and commitment in this video; the deep emotional connection that is just palpable by everybody in this campaign too. This is hearts and guts stuff and it's very moving.

Another thought about why Ron Paul is touching so many nerves: You never really love your country until you begin to lose it.


You wrote:
"You never really love your country until you begin to lose it."

Just to echo the sentiment, this is exactly what has drawn me to the Ron Paul campaign. I don't want anyone to lose this country; but it looks as though it is being hijacked from within, a process that began several decades ago and has been taking place slowly. It's the scenario that Eisenhower warned us about, and Jefferson, too.

Hope for America

God Bless you Trevor and you, who did this video! You are both patriots! WE CAN DO THIS! Campaign, donate and become a delegate! Ron Paul is giving his life for us, the least we can do is give some of our time. This is our future, our children's future and our grandchildren's future. Let it not be said that we did nothing! This is our only chance to make history and we can do it. We can not afford to fail Ron Paul, we can not afford to fail America! RON PAUL REVOLUTION is a reality!

Go see Lions for Lambs and understand what "We the People" are up against.

"Evil can only prevail if good men remain silent"

Another excellent, excellent

Another excellent, excellent video by eLIB3RTY!!!

$117.76 on December 16th

Excellent inspirational video. I'll be donating $117.76 on Tea Party Day.

Email the URL to this video far and wide!

Speaking of videos, I highly recommend the 1972 movie musical (but has lots of drama), "1776". IMHO, this is a MUST SEE:

If you are not OUTRAGED, you're not paying attention!

$224,000 as of 10:30 eastern time aint nothing to sneeze at...

True the biggie is coming Dec 16th - I have signed up to money BOMB... donate, whatever - however, I would like to congratulate everyone on a well done VETERANS DAY boost..... we must keep in mind that MOST donors are going to be doing the TEA PARTY FOR RON PAUL on Dec 16th, but alot pitched in to help keep us AHEAD of the 4th quarter $12 million goal...
So to everyone who sees this message today - pat your self on the back and know you did a good job to quadruple (at least) a normal donation day for Ron Paul....
and lets get to work now on Dec 16th.... suggestion - everyone stick $3 a day in a jar - do what-ever-it takes to scrape up that $3 because by then you will have your $100 plus....


I bet the other two candidates would love to have $225,000 days of donation.... GO RON PAUL...


I think this video is great but I also love the Angels and Airwaves video from the teaparty07' site and also the new "underdog" video. They each seem tuned to different supporters though and I was wondering if this video is aimed at a particular audience?

Yes it has a specific target audience

Americans! ;-)