Ron Paul's Talk at Google, 7/13/07

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Best Ron Paul Interview Yet

Dr. Paul was brilliant, knowledgeable, and very presidential. His intellect and the consistency of his political philosophy, centered as it is in the constitution, are unlike any other candidate. The positions of his competitors on various issues are scattered to the four winds. They have no unifying core, except the secret one of promoting themselves or a corporate agenda.

Dr. Paul's views are like the spokes of a wheel which connect with the hub of the Constitution and give support to the wheel of Liberty, allowing it to turn smoothly and take us somewhere other than to the hell of tyranny, slavery, and war.

Time well spent

I am so glad I took the time to listen to this interview. Thanks so much for making it available. Ron Paul is so well informed and speaks so even this grandma in Hawaii can understand and agree. He had my vote before today and still does. Join a meetup group in your area and get involved. Register for the primaries and vote Ron Paul. We can do this. It is our government, our nation and our liberty. This is no longer about the left or the right. It is about right or wrong. RON PAUL IS RIGHT FOR THE JOB.

Dr. Paul 2008

Very nice

What was good about this video is that Dr. Paul just sat with a host and had a conversation, before an audience, and explained his views. He was relaxed and articulate.

Certainly worth a look.

Video Ron Paul Mtn View Rally

Ron Paul in Mountain View, California 7/14/07
Not the best Quality video but you are a Ron Paul Junkie anyway aren't you?