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RINOs should be extinct!


They mentioned the Daily Paul, so I will post an excerpt, but he is bothered by all that money coming in from people who believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and generally what the democrats came over to vote for Ronald Reagan when he campaigned.

(Please post comments about my Civility to the earlier thread).

He doesn't mention that Reagan won BECAUSE of all the CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATIC support - because the Democrats left their roots.

I actually agree with many of Ron Pauls positions, outside of his suicidal national security perspective of course. But I can not agree with the campaign tactics of using leftist money and votes to hijack the Republican nomination and Im shocked that any Republican would.

Theres really no need to write another word about Ron Paul. If you can know all of these facts, follow the money and the links provided for their campaign tactics and still support him, youre no Republican, much less a conservative or constitutionalist.

Real Republicans need to be aware and unite to block this effort to hijack the party nomination.

You and your set of brigands, pirates, robbers, and thieves have been hijacking the nomination for the last 20 years! George HW "Read my lips" Bush? Speaker Newt "We passed the Contract in the house, did you expect us to actually fight for it too" Gingrich? Bob "Ethanol subsidies and nothing else" Dole? It was so bad that you had to train the last RINO to at least sing the right song and even then he lost the popular vote because too many like me didn't believe him. And who turned out to be the better judge of character?

FACTS? What did Republicans DO? Who were there contributors? Not ME! A brand new 5 trillion dollar Medicare entitlement? Fancy billion dollar bombers while our troops have humvees with all the armor of a tin can? Amnesty for Illegals? Isn't Terri Schiavo dead? Isn't Osama Bin Laden alive?

You would have me vote for any of the slaves of K street over Ron Paul? The democrats and liberals might have given up some money to a man of honor, but you've given up your honor and integrity. I hope you got something of value in exchange for your soul.

You want guilt by association, but the Democrats have themselves become so bad that their own party members detest them. They are as bad as the republicans - All their major candidates are for the war and escalation - at least now after getting safely elected. Ron Paul never was, never is, and never will be. They believe him because he is believable. They see his honor and will vote for him. He will not sellout like their own candidates. Even if they disagree with many of their views at least he will do what he says he will do. Not make empty promises and change nothing.

When the choice is between God and the Devil, between honor and betrayal, between truth and lies, between murder and life, you pause to ask who is the Republican? What do their lobbyists want? Win for the R team at all costs. I don't see why they bother about athletes and steroids - especially to have anyone in congress condemn them for possibly cheating.

The Democrats rediscovered their honor. Every liberal contributor to Ron Paul has a hundred times the integrity of you and your democrats who - like the mislabeled barrels of chinese poison - are sold by putting a wrong sticker so they end up on the wrong shelf. And some people still buy them even after 20 years of toxic tyranny courtesy of your set of "conservatives and constitutionalists".

Why is Ron Paul getting contributions? Why did Ronald Reagan? Because they mean what they say and do it. Because they believe in honor. Because he has kept his promises through every one of your candidates lies, frauds, and betrayals. So we have no reason to doubt he wouldn't keep his 454-1 record, but soon the "1" will be his veto with a clear explanation instead of an approval and an unconstitutional "signing statement".

If you can know all THESE facts - the facts that even the Democrats respect - that he has NEVER taken his royal congressional pension. That he has NEVER voted to raid the social security trust fund. That he has NEVER voted to raise his own pay. That your K-Street slavemasters don't even bother visiting his office. That he has never voted to raise taxes. That he has never voted for anything unconstitutional. That he personally brought over 4000 new lives into the world. That he has been married to the same woman for 50 years. That he has a large Christian family. If you can know all THESE facts and every other fact I've ever heard about THE MAN and NOT vote for Ron Paul, you are a Republican - in name only. And that you don't know what the Constitution says or Conservatism means.

If being Republican means I have to sell my mind and my soul, I'll be a democrat. But Reagan ran on honor. And Ronaldus Magnus II is running. Maybe I too am a "Ronnie Democrat".

Between all the sellouts - the Gingrich-Clinton-Dole years, the small-tent-big-government liberalism Bush years, I started wondering why bother when the Star Spangled Banner started playing - this is a plutocratic, corporatist, socialist country, so why should I salute the creeping tyranny? Until I was in Des Moines next door to the candidates forum that Ron Paul was disinvited to - yes, you rejected us first and showed us how much you hated our message of true conservatism and liberty. This time when I heard the strains I realized there was a reason to salute the flag. That it wasn't just some cloth in an irrelevant team color. For the first time in years I sang BOLDLY. "Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, over the land of the free, and the home of the brave". It does. It was waving over Ron Paul and his supporters. I know you sing it too, but your song is a blasphemy and mockery.

Join us and get your soul back. Or at least turn your poison pen against the people who have dishonored the name "Republican" instead of against the man who would restore it.

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Nice writing, tz

Very inspiring......hope the neocons are reading this.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Thanks for the great Ron Paul piece

My email response which bounced:

I just wanted to thank your for the wonderful Ron Paul piece. You wanted to smear the candidate but were unable to find anything about his positions or person you disliked other than a conservative foreign policy of no nation building and military non-interventionism, so you resorted to attacking his supporters. You've done a service for his campaign pointing out that Ron Paul is the only candidate in the Republican field who holds the conservative position on foreign policy and is the only one who can steal votes from the left to beat Hillary in the general election.

I'd also like to point out that he's the only small government conservative in the field, the position that won Ronald Reagan the support from the disaffected left that won him the election by a wide margin.

Google's donations

JB Williams spends six paragraphs explaining where the money is supposed to be coming from, and complains that Google is Ron Paul's biggest donor.

This is a blatant misrepresentation (like the rest of the article).

Williams apparently got that statistic from this page.

But he neglected to point out the fact that the organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organization's PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families, as it says on that very same page!

Oh, wait, this suggests that maybe Google's PAC could have donated the money -- so maybe Williams is right after all? Did Google's PAC donate the $22,250 listed here?

A little more digging shows that all of it came from individual contributors who happen to work at Google. Of course, Williams neglects to mention that, and makes it look like Al Gore had something to do with the donations!

So much for Williams' "facts"!

Besides, this $22,000 is less than 3/10ths of 1% of the money donated to Paul this quarter -- how can Williams even begin to pretend that this is a sign of liberal democrats dominating the Ron Paul campaign?!

In addition, did you happen to notice who the 2nd and 3rd largest contributors are? Members of the US Army and US Navy! I wonder why Williams didn't mention that?! He did mention Microsoft and Verizon, as though this is supposed to support his case somehow -- but neglected to state that donations from members of the US Air Force, the Department of Defense, and even defense contractors like Raytheon also show up on this "top donors" list!

The writer doesn't understand his position or Ron Paul's

I could write a lot to refute this article, but why? The key thing to notice is that he does not substantiate his claims. To say that Ron Paul is not a constitutionalist is absurd. I think a lot of people that have heard about RP that write or think like this man refuse to look at the issues. Look at Ron Paul's voting record. Look at what he stands for. He was willing to pay for Rosa Parks medal out of pocket instead of using tax payers money. He will stop the government abuse from the highest elected office in the country. I don't understand what the people who write these things see in the other candidates..?

The author fails to grasp why Hillary is such a threat to rights

The Neocon author of that piece uses Comcast as his host.

Comcast is now rejecting a lot of email if it comes from competing services. The excuse being "spam comes from your service so we block all the emails".

Try writing him to see if you get through: jbw@jb-williams.com

He thinks that there are more than a handful of left-wingers in the RP camp. I haven't seen many supporting RP.

He thinks the Islamofascists are more a threat to our culture than Hillary and her big government socialists.

He doesn't seem to understand that the Reagan Wing type of Republican wants back into power no matter what.

This is what I tried to write to him:

We will either take power via Ron Paul in 2008 or we will pick up the pieces of the RNC in 2009, after their self-inflicted defeat.

If Ron Paul were really anathema to the huge base of anti-gender-feminist males that make up the core of the Republican Party, Dave Usher and I wouldn’t both have big articles at www.thereaganwing.com this morning. Dave criticizes Ron Paul for not specifically speaking out on Men’s Rights (while noting that no other politicians are doing so either) and I encourage the other Republican candidates to take advantage of this by taking up Men’s Rights themselves…or lose the election to Hillary. I am also published at http://www.capitolhillcoffeehouse.com describing the only way the other candidates can beat Giuliani and stop Ron Paul from stealing the show.

Be a man, vote for Ron Paul

(see thereaganwing link above)

Men do better leading by the example of chivalry. Instead of using the feminists evil usurpation and tyrannical tactics to stain holy matrimony, simply destroy their evil device and leave it at that. Do you think it doesn't take masculine guts to be the lone principled vote when the herd is all going the wrong way?

And for all the complaints at the sites you cite, you are suggesting voting for for one of the eunuchs (though I did like the pic of Guilanietta).

Once clipped they don't grow back, so I find your suggestion that they regrow a set comical.

A bull elephant is better than a gelded RINO, though he won't be tame. And that is a good thing.

How can you encourage anyone else to stand on their principles when your call itself is a call for compromise? That you dislike the means and then say the ends justify the means? The feminists can whine and complain louder and more annoyingly than you do.

Instead of joining with the herd of steers, show you are a real man and will follow only another man of honor. Government cannot restore your manhood by interfering for you. But you can reject the government that would interfere with your being a man. And reclaim your manhood.

And the period from 2000 through 2006 was a "victory"?

In what way? I will surely work against another such "victory". Ironically such a task would be easy even though the Democrats' approval ratings are in the low teens and should provide less resistance than a cobweb.

Elections have been a race to the bottom for far too long.

I should add "Family Courts" which are as bad as the "IRS" to the things I would ask Ron Paul about if I ever get a chance. I doubt he would have an unacceptable answer. The difficulty is that there are dozens of issues - he has had to clarify why he didn't raise his hand to the sotto voce question "If you don't believe in Evolution" a few times, and it is more difficult since his response is nuanced and he usually has to introduce the topic by reminding what the constitution says about the topic.

Meanwhile, we should help them - if Ron Paul is not the nominee, we can give out bumper stickers and signs on their behalf:

Expand Medicare - vote republican

Increase Inflation - vote republican

Pork! Pork! Pork! - vote republican

Keep Osama healthy - vote republican

Government is too small - vote republican

Amnesty for Illegals - vote republican (I almost forgot this one)

Any other suggestions?

Rudy the RINO is a lousy lousy choice...

I imagine you read the above lyric to the tune of Frosty the Snowman...