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We are All Americans...Stereotypes Divide

We should all remember that Dr. Paul sees only individuals who happen to be Americans and want freedom. Stereotyping freedom-loving individuals into group-speak, hate-seeded rhetoric will not get Ron Paul elected.

Ron Paul appeals to Jews, Mormons, Christians, Muslims ...look up Mormons for Ron Paul, Christians for Ron Paul, Jews for Ron Paul and Muslims for Ron Paul. The sub-categories are endless. There is even an all-Europe conference being organized for those people in foreign countries who are *also* not being represented as a majority but instead being controlled by a small elitist minority.

Did you know that 77%% of American Jews are anti-war? Read here:

Read the roster of advisors on the Jews4Ron Paul Site. Read about the stances of Talmud-true Rabbis. Understand that all Mormons are *not* for Mitt. Understand that all Christians are *not* Robertson fans.

Don't stereotype our fellow American supporters of Ron Paul. Unite behind a loud vocal "No" to senseless wars and unsound money. Everyone is welcome on this forum...but avoid stereotype posts that divide and, in some cases, are posted for that express purpose. Ron Paul wins and we all win!

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Sterotypes Divide

Sterotyping is a tactic used by collectivists and employed in ways that are sometimes subtle and more times than not denigrating attacks upon individuals by lumping all who disagree with the collectivist as "red-neck Clansmen", "White bigots", "Xenophopes" and other names intended to "group" even the most humble Christian into all sorts of ugly categories.Those unfamiliar with the term "collectivist" should do yourselves a favor and visit G.Edward Griffin's site, who is also the author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island, which is the definitive book on the FED, for a superb lesson on how the Establishment Left and the Establishment Right uses the psychology of "groups" to quash individuals here:


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We must all come to

We must all come to understand that as long as anyone depends on their minority status to determine their rights then the majority will only recognize a degree of rights based solely upon a specified set of what the majority considers allowable and therefore, contingent freedoms. In other words, the majority will always restrict the rights of the minority unless the minority can base their rights upon something other than the specific attributes and or definitions of that minority.

The government is not inclined to, nor does it obligate itself to ensure the Rights of any person in this country although it was created to protect the Rights of every individual. It is up to the individual to combatively insist and aggressively pursue his or her Rights before the government. It is People, first and foremost, that form the State Republics through acting on a cooperative and voluntary basis, but with an extreme prejudice toward their Rights. It has been said that the majority opinion is the true ruler; if that is the case then perhaps it is time for us all to become the majority and not base our Rights upon a specific status as a minority. This does not preclude any attributes that a person has who is a member of a minority or their identity, but in the eyes of the majority and therefore the law, a minority is only a minority and will remain as such as long as they base their Rights solely upon their minority status.

The problem with every democracy is that the majority always rule to the exclusion of the minority. The reason the Founders purposed a Republic instead of a democracy was to blunt the force and power of the majority through layers of checks and balances to equal out the playing field. The more democratic a political system becomes the more the majority “lords over” the minority. It is strange that people are all for democracy until it actually rules against them and in a democracy, since the majority always rules, the minority will always suffer under the prejudices of the majority. There is a defined tyranny within a democracy and yet so many clamor for such a system because they feel that it will provide them with more voice while just the opposite is true. In every democracy the government system appeals to the material interests of the majority’s large voting block, in turn the government will then merely placate the minority with a degree of rights and yet never “grant” them the same degree of rights as the majority.

The established elite ruling class, the governing “gentry” fears nothing more than a unified People. As long as sectionalism can be promoted and therefore pseudo-legalized, then this nation will remain divided and that is exactly what the “State” desires: a house divided. Until We take the stance that the only status that is legally meaningful and powerful is that of the Citizen, then We will remain a conquered People subject to the will of majoritarianism and their preferred democratic tyranny. The majorities will always, whether by vote, referendum or even by a form of legal or judicial enforcement, secure their perceived rights over the rights of a defined minority. Majoritarian democracy desires the artificial designation of minorities, it keeps the “majority” holding the reigns of power while providing the minority with a degree of satisfaction based upon their struggle to gain or retain a certain allowance of rights, but such a system will never provide equality because it inherently promotes and maintains social, racial, religious, ethnic or sexual divisions among the People.

The “State” readily supports the idea that a particular class or group requires or is entitled to recognition based upon that class or group or category, because segmentation will continue to allow its decisions to be based upon the majority and keeps the perceived minority, of which ever particular group, in check or within a majority defined scope of “civil rights”. In such a “democratic” system the minority will always yield to the will and power of the majority. The majority will always enact policies which ensure that the minority is not strengthened and will never allow the total empowerment of the minority. The “State” will always seek to breed social divisions in order the restrict minority power or empowerment. The solution therefore, must be found through a very powerful and very different view: that of the Majority of Citizenship.

It is interesting to note that you rarely hear the word Republic, but democracy is tossed out by most politicians and for good reason: a democracy will always protect the majority first and keep any minority under the thumb of the ruling powers. Minorities are not only required, but desired within democratic majoritarian system of government because it will always demand that all minorities yield to the will and allowances of the majority. A Republic is anathema to democratic majoritarianism because it equalizes the power and force of government among all People of the Land when the People press their Sovereignty, based solely upon their Natural Rights of Citizenship, over the “State”.

In Liberty,


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Stereotype posts

Excellent...wise counsel. Thanks.

All Americans

I agree with you. Politicians usually try to divide people into groups. That's how they control us all. It's called Divide and Conquer. Ron Paul is different. There is no division here. None of the "multicultralism" and "diversity" thinking where we break into little groups and accentuate our differences. In the Ron Paul campaign, the people are diverse, but what brings us together is what we all have in common.

We are all for FREEDOM. That is a rare comodity today. With government out of control, demolishing our rights and creating a police state. We are all in the same boat. Even political differences are forgotten as we work together to reclaim our freedom. And that's why Dr. Paul's message is resonating with so many millions of Americans.


I agree on the divide and conquer theory. This is what the communist did. Everyone should read the Marx Conflict Theory and you will understand the phrase divide and conquer, this is what the elite want. The Marx confilct theory talks about divding the classes of people ( In our case it is dividing the Classes, Religion, and Races ) and this can be achieved through state run programs that promote government dependancy that is paid for from the middle class.
Both parties are guilty of using the press to divide the people. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the middle class ( the back bone of this country ) so that there is only rich and poor, thus giving the power to the elites and rich to manipulate the poor.

Give Me Freedom

If Tyranny And Oppression Come To This Land, It Will Be In The
Guise Of Fighting A Foreign Enemy. James Madison

Give Me Freedom

If Tyranny And Oppression Come To This Land, It Will Be In The
Guise Of Fighting A Foreign Enemy. James Madison

If We Have Racism We Will Not Have Freedom.
If We Have No Racism We Can Have Freedom

Most Americans are NOT for freedom, unless only for themselves

It is a bit naive to assume that the average American wants freedom...at least not in terms of wanting freedom for others if it is in their interest for the others to be curtailed.

People generally vote their interest. If that requires curtailing the freedom of others, so be it. They will do that. I just saw a prime example of that today. A major Texas newspaper printed an anti-male story and a research assistant there apologized if the story had insulted me specifically but said she had helped write the biased story because men's general behavior "disturbed her".

Despite the backhanded apology, she and her newspaper aren't going to be pubishing any retractions. Such stories in the MSM force legislators to make more unfair laws. In this case, the newspaper had advocated background checks for men who used dating sites.

RP's message will get out but, if he wins the Rep nomination, there will still be about 45% of Americans preferring to vote against his message and "in their own interest".

Heck, so many Republican males are still seething over 9-11 so much that they love the Patriot Act...thinking it should curtail the rights of all Americans who "may have something to hide".

In the primaries, I can see RP winning but with no more than 22% of the vote where 78% of the Republicans preferred to vote against the message but, thankfully, splintered their votes.

We can win see-saw battles where the results in Nevada or Wyoming can be Paul 22% Giuliani 20% Romney 19%, McCain 15%, etc.

Not necessarily

If you truly think that, then you should move abroad like I did. Oh, you did. Nevermind...

No, seriously, they're in a hypnotic state (no pun) brought on by endless propaganda from MSM and government "education".

They CAN be awoken!

Witness 2,000 people at U. of Michigan. If they can exist in the gulag that is our network of "higher" education camps, they are there to be recruited.

Freedom is not easy...

It is a bit naive to assume that the average American wants freedom...at least not in terms of wanting freedom for others if it is in their interest for the others to be curtailed.

Quite true. When you truly embrace freedom for all you rescind coercion over anyone. It means that no matter how much you disagree with somebody, you’ll defend their right to say it—and wouldn’t for a moment suggest that “somebody should shut them up”. It means you give up being a general busy-body that wants to control seemingly innocuous things that others do.

It’s a long row to hoe for some, and I sometimes wonder if some of the people that are finding Dr. Paul are getting that part of the message. If “anti-Iraq” is what get’s them interested, that’s great. But ultimately I think what all of us want is for people to discover liberty and embrace it. Dr. Paul does a superb job of tying everything in his candidacy together to show how it all comes from freedom.

Freedom is not easy... but the rewards are great.

Average citizen's self-interest

I have observed a gradual shift in the concerns that the average person that I run across in the public the last few years. As a result of social programs and the perception that government should provide for our basic care. This along with the special interest giveaways that fedgov hands out, my thinking is from 30-35% are in the no way vote for Dr. Paul catagory. Then there are the liberal-conservative one issue cat. that rates more variable, from 30-50%, which will inter-mix with the formers, but the combinations have reached a point, where about 50% will not vote for a Republican anyways. That does not mean we do not try. We have to stand and make our voices heard, we have that right and IN FACT a responsibility to our children to at least TRY and see that their futures are a more positive one than we witnessed.

Good socialism beats bad

Good socialism beats bad capitalism. If the economy is allowed to run more productively then people will support expansionary economic policies. If the economy is contracting people will understandably go after their piece of the shrinking pie.

One of the most profound points...

that I have heard RP make is the one concerning collectivism as it pertains to social mindsets. It is just way too easy to categorize groups of people, and that is something we all (including the good doctor) need to be aware of. It is best to think of ourselves as individuals:-)

-Phil Hemingway III

So true!

That is what has happened in this country! The American people have become divided! There are the Christian's and the gay's and the Republicans and the Democrats and the list goes on and on. In truth we are all Americans! And united we stand divided we fall! Dr Paul is just following what our founding fathers told us long ago and we forgot!
When we stand together we are a very strong diverse group, when we are divided we waste so much of our energy fighting amongst our selves!

stereotyping is human nature

and serves as a shortcut to action, bypassing thought. We arent going to stop stereotyping. But we can stop supporting those that manipulate us through this quirk of nature. To me, that is the beauty of this candidacy...we aren't asked to align with an in-group or demonize anyone...our political thinking is pushed back to a core process we can all honor.