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On a lighter, more positive note,

There are plenty of reasons to vote for the other republican candidates, and things to laud in their record. I'll think of more, but look at all the good they have done and will do:

Medicare Part D will diffuse the demographic time-bomb - just after they restrict coverage to drugs imported from China.

Illegal immigration is a serious domestic problem. How else could you afford a live-in housekeeper?

There should be no complaints any more about long lines at Customs, as long as you come back via Mexico.

They want to avoid tragedies - no one will be hurt when that bridge in Alaska collapses.

They found the best way to cheaply dispose of our depleted Uranium.

They know how to be fiscally responsible - the tax cuts expire before you will.

The dollar should be kinder and gentler so we will put a bottom on where it can go - we are making the next printing softer and more squeezable than Charmin.

Children need to be tested for mental health so the ones who need Ritalin can take it before the D.A.R.E. assembly.

We need the Law of the Sea treaty - fight them under there so we don't have to fight them over here.

Ethanol subsidies are designed to lower both the spirits and fuel economy. And we can merge the A in BATF with the Department of Energy.

The Shah's son is available, so just like we restored the Kuwati monarch to his throne we can continue to show our respect for Middle-east traditions.

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Obama Money Bomb

Read the story:

Then go to the site and check out how they are doing/and do.

Barack Friday

Should we post the results everywhere or leave that up to the MSM?


72 obama followers raised enough to buy a used car in 24 hours.

Talk about a "money bomb". More like a wet firecracker.

The media must be right....We're just wasting everyone's time with this silly "freedom" crap.

Protesteth too much

I think these ppl protest too much that they aren't trying to one-up RP supporters. I believe this because Obama has $80M already, what good is another $5M from the unwashed masses going to do? He doesn't need any help for advertising, stumping, or other various ways to campaign. The only reason that makes sense is that they want to look like the big, authentic grassroots movement, not RPs supporters. We gave/will give to Ron Paul, because by golly, he needs it since the corporations won't help, and the GOP won't, either. It is definitely up to us to make sure his campaign has the money it needs (and manpower) to spread the message to every congressional district in the United States.

"..we can merge the A in

"..we can merge the A in BATF with the Department of Energy."

and Agriculture.