Ron Paul in Mountain View Video - July 14

Part I:

Part II:

Parts III & IV below:

Part III:

Part IV:

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Attendance and Speaking

Does anyone who was there have a good estimate on how big the crowd was? From watching the video, i would guess at least 200-300. Compare that to the supposed "credible candidate" Mike Huckabee who drew a whopping 30 people in Iowa yesterday. LOL

As far as Dr. Paul's hand wringing and lip licking, I wouldn't worry too much. I think it comes across as being very unconscious of himself and authentic. Also, if an absolutely atrocious public speaker like Bush 43 can get elected (one of the worst I have ever seen), Ron Paul definitely can!

Attendance and Speaking

I was there and I'd put it closer to 1,000. The photos and video that I've seen thus far don't quite capture the crowd - it was big and energetic. The guy sitting next to me also figured about 1,000.

I was also at the post-rally lunch, which was attended by another 100 or so, which filled the dinning room they had rented out.

i'm really annoyed that some

i'm really annoyed that some guy screamed something about 9/11 being an inside job on the second part. the fact that they can't realize that being associated with truly fringe movements like that is not beneficial to his campaign is unbelievable.

i wish the se ridiculous 9/11 truthers would go away...


I agree. You 9-11 Truth folks either need to go away or learn to keep your mouths shut. Ron doesn't agree that 9-11 was an "inside job." Read the interview he gave Reason Magazine here:

With Each Day That Passes

With each day that passes Ron gets more polished in his presentation style. I'd say he's become something of a real Constitutional dogfighter now. I'm very impressed! Also, someone at headquarters needs to acquire that backdrop! How wonderful it is!!! You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. It needs to follow Ron around wherever it is practical to use it.

We love you Ron!...and we're supporting you!

Great Speech

Ron's speech here is great especially with the crowd getting into it. Outdoor gatherings like this strike me as the most natural setting for Ron's message: unconfined and free.

Also, that huge background with the founding fathers on it is fantastic.

a note for the campaign . . .

I like the yellow shirt and khakis. Fantastic. I have noticed though that whenever Dr. No gives his speeches he has a bad habit of flickering his tongue and licking his lips. It looks a bit reptilian and not presidential. Sorry to give Dr. No a hard time, but people do notice things like that and it might distract from his message.

Professor Ron Paul vs President Ron Paul

It is fun to hear him being an economics professor. His economics is definitely better than that of any other candidate. But that does not mean it is sound. It is too heavily based on the so-called Austrians, like Von Mises. The Austrians were thinking about mid 20th Century Europe, not the USA. US economic growth, and that of Asia etc, has been due massively to TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS, something Von Mises and his School did not account for properly. President Ron Paul will need to be much more inclusive in his economic views than Professor Ron Paul.
In fact, assuming Dr Paul does well in the primaries, he will have to start sounding more presidential and less professorial.