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Who to vote for in West Virginia?

I was wondering if anyone knew who to vote for in wv? I wont be voting for senators Rockefeller and byrd. But I was wondering about the 3 current standing congressmen. Capito, Nick Rahall, and alan mollohan. And what about the governor?

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Thanks for the sources

I looked on http://www.votesmart.org and found that basically all three congressman are crap. Mollohan and Rahall both voted for the bailout. Capito didnt, but she is horrible when it comes to civil liberities. Mollohan is also horrible in regards to civil liberities. Both of them voted for the Military commissions act of 2006 and the patriot act.

Three Good Resources -

1. The Wonderful Mr. Nystrom's "If In Doubt - Vote Them Out" site -


2. A list of those in congress who voted for the bailout -


3. A group that endorses candidates that take a pledge to only accept money from individuals - (my man Mark Mulligan signed it!)


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