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Ron Paul Rated #1 in Congress — Out of all 535 representatives in the United States Congress, Rep. Ron Paul (TX) is rated number one for defending the freedoms of technology related proposals, scoring 88.24%. In comparison, Sen. John McCain (AZ) scores 38.46%, and Sen. Barack Obama (IL) scores 33.33%.

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dugg #18

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“We have allowed our nation to be over taxed and over regulated and overrun by bureaucrats, the founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with” Ron Paul

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Rand Paul 2016

Real Id Act

Am I reading this incorrectly or when you click on Ron Paul's name does it show that he voted for the Real ID act?

I love

when he gets positive recognition from his peers.

He should've gotten 100%

They dinged him on two terrible bills.

Dugg it.

it's now at 7

Please shout this if you can - Digg has disabled my shouts.

I have tried shouting on multiple computers, so apparently it is my Digg account.

This happened after I submitted Chuck Baldwin's video on The Greatest Fraud in U.S. History about the Federal Reserve banks here:

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

By the way, anyone else experiencing this?

Or am I definitely a target! No matter who's computer I use to login to Digg I get the same results - a frozen Shout window.

I've writtten Digg support multiple times, and last week all they said was;

"Thanks. We'll move this along for further investigation."

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

New account

Try a making a new Digg account.

Last time I tried to make another account my IP got banned.

I have 1000 friended too, so that would mean starting over.

I might just try it to see what happens though.


Ron Paul's Convention Speech

More proof that a

More proof that a libertarian society would be the greatest high-tech society in the world.

We could create a genuine Utopia if the doddering socialist US forced a line of state secessions, and one of the states in question was a state with a strong sweep of libertarian political culture.

Of course the most powerful nation in the world could be Dr. Paul's home state of Texas after a secession, if it ever breaks out of the Red State, Right vs Left paradigm.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States