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Flu Vaccines containing Thimerosal

NOTE: Thiomersal is the same as Thimerosal

I've been seeing the flu vaccination advertisments on TV and want to get the facts right so I can warn people of what I've heard. So I looked up Flu Vaccine on Wikipedia and under "Flu vaccine manufacturing" it says...

Most injection-based flu vaccines intended for adults in the United States still contain Thiomersal. Despite some controversy, the World Health Organization has concluded that there is no evidence of toxicity from thimerosal in vaccines and no reason on grounds of safety to change to more-expensive single-dose administration.

Then I looked at Thiomersal and found this...

Thiomersal (INN) (C9H9HgNaO2S), or sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate, commonly known in the United States as thimerosal, is an organomercury compound (approximately 49% mercury by weight) used as an antiseptic and antifungal agent.

Thiomersal is very toxic by inhalation, ingestion, and in contact with skin...

Few studies of the toxicity of thiomersal in humans have been performed. Animal experiments suggest that thiomersal rapidly dissociates to release ethylmercury after injection; that the disposition patterns of mercury are similar to those after exposure to equivalent doses of ethylmercury chloride; and that the central nervous system and the kidneys are targets...

Risk assessment for effects on the nervous system have been made by extrapolating from dose-response relationships for methylmercury. Methylmercury and ethylmercury distributes to all body tissues, crossing the blood-brain barrier and the placental barrier, and ethylmercury also moves freely throughout the body.

Then there's the sectoin on Autism, which says:

Many parents, and some scientists and doctors, believe there is a connection between thiomersal and autism.[16] More than 5,000 U.S. families have filed claims in a federal vaccine court alleging autism was caused by vaccines, most implicating thiomersal . . . The federal government agreed to award damages in one case, to a girl who developed autistic-like symptoms after receiving a series of vaccines, some of which contained thiomersal.

There's a whole page on the Thiomersal Controversy.

I would like to convince people that they don't need to risk their health with vaccinations. I never have them. My grandparents never had. And we don't get sick. But of course, so many people want to trust the doctors, the pharma-industry, and their governments.

Can anyone add any more hard evidence to this? If we could compile the best information we could send mass-emails and spread the truth.

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My mom just got a drive through flu shot....


Delaware County (Pennsylvania) residents can get a free flu shot at one of two Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinics being held in November: the first is 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 6, at the Middletown Fire Co., 425 S. Middletown Road (Route 352), Media, (Middletown Township); the second is 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 7 at the Tinicum Township Fire Co., 99 Wanamaker Ave., Essington.

The Drive-Thru Clinics are being operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Delaware County State Health Center, in partnership with Delaware County Council, the county Department of Intercommunity Health Coordination, and members of the Delaware County Flu Task Force.

All residents, ages 9 and older, are invited to drive through the firehouse bay, roll up their sleeve and receive an inoculation to protect against influenza this season.

“This is a great collaboration aimed at keeping our residents healthy this flu season,” said County Council Vice-Chairman Jack Whelan. “We did our first Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic in November 2007, and it was a success. We provided flu shots to 300 residents who commended the clinic for its convenience and ease of access. Now that we offer two clinics, we should be able to reach more people.”

The Drive-Thru is being offered through the Delaware County Flu Task Force, organized last year to increase awareness and access for flu prevention. Partners include the county’s Department of Intercommunity Health Coordination, the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Delaware County State Health Center and members of the health care community.

Participants are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to a local food bank.

The best way to protect against the flu is by getting immunized. While health officials recommend that people go to their family physician for a flu shot, the Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic is a good alternative for people who have difficulty with ambulation or people who are wheelchair-bound.

In addition, this Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinic provides the Pennsylvania Department of Health with an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of an alternate kind of mass vaccination clinic in the event of an influenza pandemic.

Are they passing out Kool-Aid as well?


Go ahead and keep having yourself and your family injected with their eugenics-soup.

They are creating a burning cauldron-of-hell on this planet.




I will be on vaccine radio show this evening.....



....along with Ingri Cassel and Wendy Callahan of www.vaclib.org

Vaccine Truth Hour

4:30 PM Pacific, 5:30 PM Mtn., 6:30 PM Central, 7:30 PM Eastern.

Here's the link to listen:


If you want to call-in, here's that info:

Conference-Call # : 712-432-8773 Pin : 179441 #
7:30 P.M. Eastern-Time





Hey - where did that shill-for-vaccines named Phil Elmore go?


Did he finally have to leave because the daily paul has too many people who aren't lambs-to-the-slaughter for the pharm-industry?





important video about whats in a flu shot


woo hoo!

That's really good, and very

That's really good, and very funny... and disturbing at the same time.

During the saturday morning cartoons

I saw a commercial telling parents to get in contact with the CDC to see if you son is eligible for the gardisil shot. The one that "prevents" cervical cancer in women. Little kids. Smiling and having a good time. A shot. For boys. To protect girls? This country is so fucked up right now.

Excerpt from LewRockwell.com

Article by Donald Miller

After officials select the three strains of flu virus that they think are most likely to be circulating during the next winter season (they picked the wrong ones last year), vaccine makers grow the viruses in fertilized chicken eggs, with 500,000 eggs per day (each examined by hand) for up to eight months. Formaldehyde is used to inactivate the virus. It is a known cancer-causing agent. Aluminum is added to promote an antibody response. It is a neurotoxin that may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease. Other additives and adjuvants in the flu vaccine include Triton X-100 (a detergent), Polysorbate 80, carbolic acid, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), gelatin, and various antibiotics – neomycin, streptomycin, and gentamicin – that can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Two-thirds of the vaccines made for the 2008–09 flu season, 100 million of them, contain full-dose thimerosal, an organomercury compound, which is 49% mercury by weight. (An unidentified number of the other 50 million vaccines contain either "no" or "trace" amounts of thimerosal.) It is used to disinfect the vaccine. Each one of these 100 million flu shots contain 25 micrograms of mercury, a mercury content that is 50,000 part per billion, 250 times more than the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit. Mercury is a neurotoxin, which has a toxicity level 1,000 times that of lead.

There is some evidence that flu shots cause Alzheimer’s disease. This most likely is a result of combining mercury with aluminum and formaldehyde, which renders them much more toxic together through a synergistic effect than each would be alone. One investigator has reported that people who received the flu vaccine each year for 3 to 5 years had a ten-fold greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease than people who did not have any flu shots (Int J Clin Invest 2005;1:1–4).

They are really pushing the flu shot

this year. I even had someone call my house, a clinic, to remind me to come in for a flu shot.

My family just had flu. I got it too. But I took Oscillococcinum which is a homeopathic immune builder and not a drug. I had flu for 24 hours, my daughter is going on her fifth day and still can't eat. They were throwing up often. I never did. Give it a try. It is good just for building your immunity. It is just sugar crystals that you allow to melt in your mouth.

That is awesome stuff.

To help combat a cold I use echinaccea, Astraguls & vitamin C. I swear it helps lessen the duration. I've moved more to homeopathic meds. Still need to research one to help combat my daughter's allergy induced asthma. Any suggestions?
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For your daughter's asthma

please look into the Buteyko method, a system developed by the late Dr. Buteyko. Simply put, it is relearning to breathe properly.
In Russia, it is now part of the government health care program and taught to those suffering from not just asthma but also emphysema, snoring and other respiratory problems.
It was brought to Australia in the mid 90's and other countries are being introduced.
The success is amazing, with many sufferers lessening their medication to being totally free from medication.

Please google for it. Can't seem to locate quickly the 1.5 hr long first introduction session which is available on youtube.
Please for your daughter's sake, I urge you to look into it.

Pls feel free to email me so I could give you many more contacts and info about this marvellous system which has helped so many people.

Update: link to the free introductory session 1hr.23 minutes http://video.google.com.au/videoplay?docid=-6346159323094349...

Also available in 17 shorter segments in youtube.

My experience

Asthma has triggers. Environmental such as pollen and mold . There are also foods, pets , smoke, They tend to build up to the point of putting one over the edge. You need to really be aware what is going to set it off. Keep the air clean with an air filter. Be real careful of the medication prescribed, I really believe if you educate yourself you won't need any of that crap that has side effects.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain



Thiomersal is bad stuff! I was shocked when I saw this video. . .

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

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I never got a Flu shot

And to date have been fine..knock on wood. My advice is to consume your vitamins and minerals. I read that a big dose of Vitamin D will protect you better than the flu shot. After reading some of the tragedys from taking the shot I will never get one.


I'll be...

All these bad experiences with the govt. fully regulating the medical field, imagine that.
I recently had several "flu shot" deals in the area. There were several BIG SIGN TRUCKS advertising for this in addition to the truck they did it in. I looked at the fine print, and I think it was "Novartis", evidently the shot manufacturer going to all that expense. It didn't pass the smell test to me, and I shined it on. I'm a mechanic, and I guess I figure if YOU REALLY NEED a stater for your car, I'm not going to have to rent sign trucks to convince you, and anybody that does is probably going to get more than the 60$ for a starter that I get.
Nice to see my BS detector still works...:)

Mass Vaccination Drill gives real shots


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and that the central nervous system and the kidneys are targets...

I wonder if that would convince my doctors to stop bugging me about the flu shot. As a kidney transplant recipient, I'm immunosuppressed which means I'm at higher risk for catching the flu, which is why they want me to get the shot.

Apparently, the decision is "up to me", but she then proceeded to try to scare me with the fact that last year, a patient developed influenza pneumonia and spent 3 months in the hospital. That is what all the people in the flu pandemic of 1918 died of - it was the pneumonia that killed them.

My partner's dad

was seriously ill after receiving the flu shot, in intensive care for at least one week, with pneumonia. Since then, has moved from his own house into a care facility near the hospital as he was weakened beyond belief and not considered able to look after himself any longer. This happend last year, 2007.

I really would like to know if those who are advocating this

flu shot are having one themselves, or only getting paid for pushing it on to others. Freedom to anyone who wants the shot but stop pushing it and provide the full information so people can make informed decision.



and now they want to give the eldery higher doses of the flu vaccine :
(whole article, see http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/pr/news/story.cfm?id=2248)

Giving people age 65 and older a dose four times larger than the standard flu vaccine boosts the amount of antibodies in their blood to levels considered protective against the flu, more so than the standard flu vaccine does. The findings from a study of nearly 4,000 people were presented Oct. 26 at a national meeting on infectious diseases.

I have the thought that they want to take care of the many elderly who are not dying quick enough.


That year, the flu shot was made mandatory by President Ford after a military man died from the swine flu. My mom was a teacher and we got our shots at the school at the same time. She was sick for two years with "unknown" medical problems. Me? I've had tons of neurological problems since then. I'm now disabled. Diagnosis? Unknown. Pain? Everyday. Can I prove that shot did it to me? Nope, but everything started after that day.. for me and my mother. I tell my story not to scare you, but for you to be informed that an adverse reaction is possible. Know the risks and then decide what is best for you. BTW only 22% of the population received the vaccination before it was pulled from the market, yet no one else got the swine flu.

very quickly

I am a health care professional who gives flu shots.

Yes, most flu shots still contain the full dose of thimerosal (mercury).

There are many shots available now that contain "trace" amounts.

There are some that are totally thimerosal-free.

These are the shots I give.

It is a tragedy and a great sin against mankind that we have been injecting people with mercury for many, many years.

The autism and OTHER diseases/ailments WILL continue......


.......even if the thimerosal is removed !!!!!

It's MUCH more than just autism that they are causing, and mercury is only a fraction of the problem regarding the harmful ingredients.

You cannot "green" vaccines.

I urge everyone to read Dr. Rebecca Carley's paper entitled:


by Rebecca Carley, M.D.





The evidence is evident

Having a nephew who is vaccine injured (autistic), that's all the evidence I need. He was fine until he went in for his vaccine shot and then had to go to the hospital that same day because his inguinal region swelled up like a balloon. We have to get out of the rhetoric of blind and double blind studies to back things up as "evidence". Studies are by nature biased and the more we buy into them as truth, the more we give our own power away to the "experts". I was taught in high school chemistry that fluoride and mercury are poisonous, yet most people seem to think its ok to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste and put mercury fillings in their teeth that are two inches away from the brain. So was my high school chemistry teacher lying to me? Wake up America. The corporate bludgeoning continues...

You should be free to get vaccinated if you wish

but NO ONE should be forced to get them if they do not.
The "Vaccination Resource Thread has links to information about waivers for each state.
- http://forums.libertylove.org/?q=node/247

FREEDOM FORCE: http://forums.libertylove.org/?q=node/139
SURVIVAL RESOURCE: http://forums.libertylove.org/?q=node/158
ART: http://forums.libertylove.org/?q=node/360
MUSIC: http://forums.libertylove.org/?q=node/880

From The Original Post:

"Many parents, and some scientists and doctors, believe there is a connection between thiomersal and autism."

Why can't you see the fallacy in that? Weasel words if I ever saw them.


Study links vaccines containing mercury with autism

Roman Bystrianyk, "Study links vaccines containing mercury with autism", Health Sentinel, March 10, 2006,


Medical-industrial complex

$50 per shot, multiplied by number of vaccinations administered = revenues.

Can anyone find out how many shots they sell per year?

thanks for the INFO

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OK, it is spelled "thimerosal"

in case anyone is trying to do research

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


Thiomersal is also used...more people outside of the US will spell it this way.