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Ron Paul Gets Props for His Surge

In the latest Associated Press article on the Presidential fundraising race, the first half is about the Democrats. But before talking about any other Republicans, Ron Paul gets more than the usual attention:

Among Republicans filing Sunday, Ron Paul, the Texas congressman running a long-shot campaign, reported raising nearly $2.4 million from April through June and ended the quarter with a similar amount in the bank.

The total is a remarkable showing for Paul, putting him ahead of Arizona Sen. John McCain in cash on hand. Paul still barely registers in public opinion polls and raised far less than McCain or the other leading Republicans. But his libertarian views and opposition to the war in Iraq have lit a fire among nontraditional contributors, particularly on the Internet.

Paul has relied on his debate appearances and on an online network to spread his message. He also spent $120,000 on printing and mailing fundraising letters, his single biggest expense. Overall, he has raised $3 million for the year and spent $646,000.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who are leading the Republican field in money and in public opinion polls, reported their finances on Friday. McCain and most of the Democratic candidates had until midnight Sunday to file their reports.

Other presidential candidates filing reports with the FEC: [continued]

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Ron Paul Deleted from AP story

They must really be afraid of him to shorten the story by eliminating any mention of Doctor Paul. We just have to keep on plugging for our guy. The Powers that be must be quaking that the Paul message will manage to get out despite their censoring and dirty tricks.

Original ABC News Story


The abc news version still has the Ron Paul paragraphs in it. It looks like the AP hacked the story size down dramatically.

How do you redact...

...three paragraphs from an article that are factually correct without an explanation?!

RP excised

The portions of the article on Ron Paul have been removed.

And as always, the disclaimer

I always find it interested (and frustrating) how the news media simply CANNOT write an article in which they mention Ron Paul, without mentioning that he is a 'long shot', 'second-tier', 'dark horse', or making other similarly disparaging comments.

What will it take for them to simply say 'Ron Paul, candidate'...

I wish the Old Media would stop trying to tell us who our President should be.

Kansas: As bigoted as you think.


Isn’t it strange that this report originated from a UK reporter? Apparently he was not given (or elected to ignore) his political marching orders.

I don’t have a problem with the descriptive “long-shot”. Americans love long-shots; we love the underdog. It’s just part of our make-up, our sense of fairness. It won’t be long before “long-shot” won’t be appropriate so let’s capitalize on it while we can.

The power elite behind these decisions to minimize Dr. Paul (and all of us) just don't get it. They are under a magnifying glass by every American watching their pathetic antics. Dr. Paul explains the concepts of “unintended consequences” and “blow-back” but they are just too arrogant and stupid to recognize their own tactical errors. They continue to give us proof and ammunition as to their obvious disregard for the truth. We should thank them for continuing to show their true colors until they piss-off so many American voters that their "game" will be over.

The revolution has begun!