Ron Paul Fourth in GOP Fundraising

CNN Reports:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Listed below is a complete ranking of both Republican and Democratic presidential fields on contributions raised so far this campaign.


Romney R $34,757,438.80
Giuliani R $33,327,384.28
McCain R $24,531,069.92
Paul R $3,002,817.57
Tancredo R $2,700,756.38
Brownback R $2,695,147.96
Huckabee R $1,274,797.78
Hunter R $1,268,433.76
Thompson R $757,008.04
Gilmore R $348,636.16

Two thought arise: 1) The MSM can't continue to ignore him now! 2) What did McCain do with all that money?!

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Q2 Fundraising

In terms of momentum, keep in mind also that while Ron Paul raised $2.4m in the second quarter (placing fourth behind Giuliani/Romney/McCain), the next-highest candidate after Paul (Brownback) only raised $1.5m. So Paul is well ahead of the others. I ranked the Q2 results here>


Business as usual for a NeoCon

Mc Cain spending money wrecklessly is of no surprise, he is just doing "business as usual" for a federally elected official.

It just goes to show Mc Cain would not fix America's budget and debt woes.

Nice knowing you Mc Cain. See you in another 4 years.