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Ron Paul's Veteran's Day Speech 11/11/08

Ron Paul's Veteran's Day Speech in Bay City, Texas:

Part 2:

Great speech!

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Who was more of a war hero? Ron Paul who was a flight surgeon and saved lives or Mccain who was a prisoner of war? Just a thought. And who never seemed to constantly brag about it for votes?


theres no doubt McCain is a war hero. However I think his campaign made him keep bringing up his war record to get votes. But yea, Ron Paul must have saved some lives, also helped deliver life!


john mccain no war hero

He may have lasted 5 years in a POW camp but I wouldn't think that merits calling him a hero....I mean...The man was shot down while bombing and shooting at civilian neighborhoods.....Then gave information to anyone he could...even had an interview with a Communist flown in from Cuba.....

Then denied the POW's files to revealed to the families...more than likely because information would go public on him........