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"Veto" Johnson may follow Dr. "Know" - Confirms Interest In 2012 Presidential Run

libertymaven.com - Those of us in Ron Paul withdrawal and excited at the prospect of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson running for President in 2012, received some good news today. According to Charles Frohman writing on the Gary Johnson 2012 Facebook group, Johnson is interested in running.

Gary Johnson was the Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. He was elected as a Republican during a time when New Mexico’s party registration was 2-1 Democrat. He ran both his initial campaign and his re-election campaign as 100% positive, never mentioning his opponent once.

Under his administration, New Mexico enjoyed the longest period without a tax-increase in the state’s entire history (8 years, i.e. his entire tenure). He cut the rate of government growth in half, left the New Mexico state government with a budget surplus and 1000 fewer employees (without firing anyone), privatized half of the prisons in the state, brought a state-wide school voucher system to New Mexico, shot down campaign finance reform and hate crime legislation in his state, and vetoed 750 bills (more than all the vetoes of the other 49 Governors in the country at that time, combined) with only 2 overrides, earning him the nickname Gary “Veto” Johnson.

He opposes the War on Drugs, he opposed the Iraq War from the start, and was the only Republican Governor in 2000 to not endorse George W. Bush for President. He is also a triathlete, having scaled Mount Everest.

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Get another name and here is an action plan:

Find and promote a great pro-constitution presidential candidate who is committed now.
Find and promote a great pro-constitution vice-presidential candidate who is committed now.
Find a seasoned pro-constitution national campaign staff that is transparent and more than willing to work closely with the grassroots for ideas and funding that is committed now.
Promote the above ticket for nomination by one of the major 3rd parties now.
Unity: Get the above 3rd party to embrace other 3rd parties by emphasizing commonality now.

Get enough ‘no confidence’ signatures in one sparsely populated state to force a referendum for all electronic voting machines to have a before, after, and end vote tally sheet for the electorate now. All other states will follow.

Immediately, promote a national grassroots distribution system consisting of free weekly copies of liberty articles downloaded from internet websites, in large print, single page only. Place door-to-door, in local school, university and public libraries, on local cable, chamber of commerce, churches, VFW’s, city/borough councils, launder mats, restaurants, public transportation, motels and hotels, restrooms, and bulletin boards.

Set up an aggressive legal defense fund to not only defend patriots everywhere but to counter-sue and/or charge any and all perpetrators with treasonable acts where necessary.

Find and fund great constitution lawyers to indict one legislator/month on violation of oath of office charges. Since all avenues used thus far have led to dead end roads, examples must be made before they will begin listening to we the people.

Love (consciousness) is in everything including the void.

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth." L. Gardner