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Imam Who Confirmed Obama's Birth

Arrives in UK.


Is this true? Anyone know?

If this is true, we will have Constitutional crisis. The Supreme Court will have to rule on this one. If they rule on this, and annul the election, we will have terrible race riots. If they refuse to hear the case, our Constitution is DEAD. If they rule on this, but do not annul the election, our Constitution is DEAD. We will no longer be a Republic.

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we are being enticed...

to fight, fracture and disperse ourselves. Or eat crow. Only Americans can bring down our own country. They want neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend. Fracture. Our greatest enemy in America is our own government, not other citizens. This is the message that must be spread. We have once, already in the founding of this country, cut ties to a government, we can do it again, we are bound by duty to do it again if that government becomes unmanageable.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

I don't know.

The source of this is questionable. African Press claimed to have audio of Michele Obama and then never released it. (Did they really have it?) And there was something else they reported that was questionable. I can't remember now but I'm not sure about them.