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Ron Paul recent Commentary; NY Times and USA Today


This is a wonderful article that should be a full page in both the NY Times and USA Today. This article presented under the banner of Campaign for Liberty will get alot of attention and strike a strong chord with many Americans.

We have raised money before for numerous cause in our Revolution. Let's try to get a MoneyBomb for a Full Page Artice in NY Times and USA Today.

I think many will contibute and it will postion us well and afford Dr. Paul more media interviews I believe.

Is there someone who can get this going or at least a debate over it, I will help as much as I can

E Pluribus Unum

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PR Newswire

It only vosts about $600 Federal Reserve Notes to have P Newswire to distribute a press release like this nationally. I would be willing to help. please feel free to email me at tgandee@myhelio.com so that we can coordinate.