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GOP Chairman admits rigging Congressional Convention to exclude properly elected delegates

Here is a video where the newly elected Chairman of the St. Charles Missouri Republican Central Committee, Tom Kuypers, claims credit for preventing properly elected delegates from being seated. It was recorded a couple of weeks before the November election.

St. Charles is the most Republican county in Missouri. The St. Charles County Caucus selects almost 140 delegates and 140 alternates.

No delegates from St. Charles county were seated at the 2nd Congressional Convention.

By not seating these delegates, they prevented people who supported Ron Paul in the primaries from having a majority at the convention and electing their slate of delegates to the national convention.

This new chairman claims the purpose of a caucus is to elect delegates for the winner of the primary. This is not true.

The purpose of a caucus is to elect delegates to go to the congressional and state conventions. The main order of business is to amend the party platform. Another is to select a very small number of people to go to the national convention. Only at the national convention are delegates involved with any nominee.

This is a small part of what is a very big and messy story concerning what happened at the caucuses and conventions in Missouri.

While some were prepared to put that all behind us, this guy brags about it.


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Bump for this pissing me off

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

"Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're absolutely right!"

Be sure to rate it

Be sure to rate it and post a comment. I want to make sure when the MOGOP sees it they get the real message.



Agreed. Watching this stuff


Watching this stuff sometimes really gets my blood boiling which then sidetracks me from doing work.