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Comrade Nick Taylor;CNN article

Nick Taylor is the author of six books, including "American-Made -- The Enduring Legacy of the WPA: When FDR Put the Nation to Work." He also has collaborated on five other books, including John Glenn's memoir. Taylor worked in politics in the 1970s, including Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign and a congressional run for John Lewis, and was a volunteer in Barack Obama's campaign.


Government accounting notwithstanding, a WPA-like initiative could move the United States firmly into the 21st century, make it more efficient to do business and create a source of unity and national pride that will last far into the future.
Government putting the unemployed to work soon?
It wouldn't surprise me.There can be an argument for or against,but nobody will say the government caused this.Nobody will ask "how did it get like this?"

I'm leaning towards more enlistees in the military.They've sweetened the deal to join and from what i've noticed there was a commercial during every football game i watched.
A more aggressive ad campaign with rises in unemployment,maybe sweeten the deal more and they'll have there wars.

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