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Ayn Rand Institute - Yaron Brook

Objectivism holds that a proper government must have its power strictly limited by an objectively defined charter and procedures designed to protect the pre-existing rights of its citizens.

Now this sounds great doesn't it?

My own person feelings on this are that "I may draw from Ayn Rand's Objectivism", but just like everything else, you have to do your homework, do your own thinking, and don't be afraid to reject people or philosophies that don't gel with your own objective view.

The Ayn Rand Institute and it's members, I totally reject, especially Yaron Brook.




It's my belief that in her early formative years, Ayn Rand discovered truths about human nature. I thank her for sharing some of her insights. I respect her intelligence. Does that mean I agree with her and want to rush out and don the label of "Objectivist"? Ewww no! She probably wouldn't have me anyway.

I did agree with her early stance on foreign relations, as she had on several occasions denounced “the premise that we owe a duty to the rest of the world, that we are responsible for the welfare of any nation anywhere on earth, that isolationism is selfish, immoral and impractical in a ‘shrinking’ modern world, etc.”

But alas by the time she was an old women, she was ready to go to war with countries, any country, the only requirement being that it benefited the U.S. ....and if it angered the Russians, so be it.

her new sentiment could be seen in blurbs such as: “The first intended victim of the new isolationism will probably be Israel—if the ‘antiwar’ efforts of the new isolationists succeed. (Israel and Taiwan are the two countries that need and deserve U.S. help—not in the name of international altruism, but by reason of actual U.S. national interests in the Mediterranean and the Pacific.)”

So Ayn Rand, I admire you, I dig some of your revelations. You're brilliant, but you're also human and fallible, and it shows. May you continue to rest in peace.

As for the Ayn Rand Institute, you people are nuts.