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Missouri Presidential results still unknown

Missouri is the only state that has not declared a winner for the November 4 election.

John McCain Rep. 1,444,302 49.4%
Barack Obama Dem. 1,439,329 49.3%
Ralph Nader Ind. 17,787 0.6%
Bob Barr Lib 11,370 0.4%
Chuck Baldwin CST 8,190 0.3%

Only a 4973 vote difference or a 0.17% difference.

In the primaries there were 1,415,951 votes casts for all candidates.

This election Republican -3.9% from the 2004 election.
The Democrats +3.2% from 2004.

They are still counting provisional ballots.

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Still close to 90,000 votes

or fully 1/3 of the votes cast, to be certified in Alaska.

A few local races might be up in the air, and the presidential race will not change (McCain won in a landslide here, 60-something percent to 30-something), but the big one will be who represents Alaska in the U.S. Senate. Ted Stevens is hanging on over the equally corrupt democratic challenger by a 3,000 vote lead, 48 percent to 46 percent. Sadly, the Ron Paul-endorsed third party candidate will only have about 5% when it's all said and done.

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I found this on Nader website

seems they are still counting votes everywhere~
***We will be over 700,000 votes in 2008 as absentee ballots and write-ins are counted over the coming days and weeks.***


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