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People's Awareness Coalition (PAC) Internet Broadcast for 12 NOV 08

Greetings from the Coalition:

On this week's edition of the Ultimate Remedy, LB Bork will have on Brother Gregory of His Holy Church.

The topic for this show is the need for local community. Brother Gregory will go over the details of why and how this is important to your sovereignty.

For more information on Brother Gregory and His Holy Church, visit http://www.hisholychurch.net

Also, see this important E Letter that Brother Gregory has written on Romans 13 and submission to government. It dispels the mainstream ideas on the important subject. The link for the E Letter is at:

Information on The Ultimate Remedy Principle:

Live Show time is every Wednesday night: 9:00 EST | 8:00 CST | 7:00 MST | 6:00 PST

Rebroadcast on Saturday night: 7:00 EST | 6:00 CST | 5:00 MST | 4:00 PST

Listen to the Ultimate Remedy on First Amendment Radio:
www.firstamendmentradio.com (click "Listen" then pick your player from the upper left corner)

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