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AR 15 Kit for all the people that want a cheaper rifle

For all those people that can't afford a expensive AR 15 ... I have two sites


Get a nice Varmint Kit with a 1/8 barrel twist so You can shot 55 grain to 80 grain bullets. Notice this is a kit which means You have everything except for a stripped lower receiver. You will more than likely have the springs and crap to complete the receiver. The reason they do this is so it can be sold as a kit instead of a full rifle..

Here are some receivers ......


So You are looking at a Cheap AR15 for around 644.95

I am under the understanding that all of the receivers are made by two companies and all of them buy from these two companies. The only difference between most AR15's is the types of barrels or which company actually makes the barrels. So I might be wrong in this but I wish I would have found this out before dishing out 1300 for a RRA AR 15 because I could have bought two rifles for the same price.

OK here You go.....

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OK the link has been

OK the link has been fixed......

Yuor first link

leads nowhere.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.