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For silver bugs

Just received an email from goldsilver.com - they finally have silver eagles:

We are accepting orders for Silver Eagles again!

Due to extraordinarily high demand, silver has become incredibly scarce. Dealers across the nation have run out of most types of silver products. But the most elusive of the silver species has been that rare bird, the Silver Eagle. We are pleased to announce a program where we can lock in these current low prices on Silver Eagles today.

Sealed Mint Case of 500 x 1 ounce U.S. Silver Eagles only.

Your order will then be placed in a queue at the Mint, and then shipped as soon as it gets to the front of the queue. We can't guarantee the delivery date (it will probably be a while) but we can absolutely guarantee it will be delivered.

So, if you want to lock in today's ridiculously low prices, this is your opportunity to capture some Eagles before they soar again!

We will offer these for as long as we can get them, no guaranties on how long this will last