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Another Day in Court for Adam Kokesh

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He sounds ok

Sounds like he feels like they have this thing going the right way.

Thanks for the update,

Michael...of course these fine gentlemen are in my thoughts and prayers...

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Veterans For Peace

and Iraq Vets Against the War, have brought the real war to our country. The war against our Constitution, and we need to get behind these groups. How about a quilt for a fundraiser quiltingsando? Anything to get people on this site to rally behind our next offensive front. www.veteransforpeace.org, and www.ivaw.com. The www.ivaw.com may be a dot org. Let's rally behind our veterans everyone.

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Do the Hempstead

15 have a website with a chip in. I would donate to these guys if I knew they were getting the money. I think this is a very important case and should get as much publicity as possible. We keep hearing about how our military are fighting for our freedoms. What the Hell, even OUR OWN Veterans can't have a PEACEFUL demonstration, without being harassed by the storm troopers.

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I live right by there.I have delt with that court before.

He should write a letter to the district attorney of nassau county,Kathleen Rice.He can explain his side of he story along with any citations he might have received during his service.The DA is somewhat independant.Idont think the county wants the publicity.I know of the incident.Ive seen pictures.It looks bad for them.The only thing is I didnt see what led to the arrest and injuries.

See it to the end.

If you have a strong case make sure to see it all the way to Jury.

We must keep

updated on this it looks like they want to quiet these fellows. Best of luck to them.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Does anyone know

what the charges are against the Hempstead 15?


HEMPSTEAD, NY — Ten members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and five of their civilian supporters will be arraigned here Monday, November 10th for “Disorderly Conduct” stemming from arrests at a non-violent demonstration at Hofstra University during the final presidential debate.

The peaceful demonstration, designed to force veterans’ issues into the campaign spotlight, was responded to with police brutality resulting in serious injuries to one Iraq veteran when he was trampled by a police horse that charged onto a sidewalk.

IVAW’s Nick Morgan suffered a shattered cheek bone, among other injuries, after he was pulled to the ground by police and stepped on by one of their horses. He is still undergoing a series of reconstructive surgeries to repair damage done by the Nassau County Police Department.

It remains unclear how the entirety of the Hempstead 15 will plead to charges Monday, but one member, Sgt. Matthis Chiroux, vowed never to submit to police brutality or the infringement of his constitutional rights to peacefully assemble.

“The near killing of a veteran on a sidewalk is fine, but peacefully assembling to have grievances redressed by our leaders is disorderly? I don’t think so, America,” said Chiroux. “I will fight this to the bitter end to ensure our names are cleared and members of the NCPD are held accountable for their crimes against veterans and the U.S. Constitution.”

Supporters of the Hempstead 15 will begin assembling at 8 a.m. Monday at the First District Court of Nassau County located at 99 Main St., Hempstead, NY. The arraignment hearing is scheduled to begin at nine.

For more information or to arrange coverage, contact Jose Vasquez at 917-587-3334 or jose@ivaw.org.


good question ?

good question ?