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M Steele, S Anuzis, "NeoCons" seek RNC Chairman

Watch out the NeoCons are looking to hang on to the party with Former Maryland Gov, (I believe) Micheal Steele and or Saul Anuzis, Michigan Republican Party Chairman .

Steele was the guy who said he was done with Paul on Fox News, after one of the debates, where Rudy tried to say Paul was saying America caused 9/11, for Paul promoting non-interventionist foreign policies.

We gotta fight, to promote LIberty candidates to take over the Repub Party.

Let RNC know Micheal Steele and Saul Anuzis will not suffice for the Liberty Freedom movement wing in the Repub Party.
No more Big Government NeoCon Repubs in the party.

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Sarah Palin for RNC Chair...

I'm not really a big fan, but she's probably the best we can do under the circumstances. Besides, making her RNC chair would likely take her out of the running for 2012.

The only thing

that Neocons are good for is stretching rope!

Saul Anuzis isn't a good guy either

Following remarks by Texas Congressman Ron Paul at Wednesday's Republican presidential debate that inflamed opponents, Republican Party Chair Saul Anuzis called for his exclusion from future debates. He said he was starting a petition among Republican National Committee members in that regard, and suggested the group do an "American Idol" vote to thin out the field beginning with Mr. Paul.

If these guys

get in I don't see how we will be able to make any changes from the bottom.

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