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New(s) Study Concludes: Network News' Constant Stream of Subjective Bull$hit Distorts American Citizens' Sense of Reality

A new study conducted by myself in my own brain just now within a matter of seconds concluded that millions of Americans today simply don't care about America or what it once stood for.

Our news media is so disreputable these days that people are starting to become desensitized to everything going on with this country and the world. The constant stream of same sounding news makes it impossible to fully comprehend the issues that are going on today. It's information overkill. The brain just can't take it all in so everything reported becomes devoid of meaning.

Have you ever pondered the existence of "newspapers" like the national enquirer? It's fake news reported as though it were true. The hidden message. It's impossible to take any news seriously!

The dow is down 400 points...big deal, didn't they say that a million times already, get some more coffee, I need to be entertained, My life is unfulfilling and news ain't really helping at all. I can't remember last week's headlines but they all sound the same anyway.

This seems to be the general attitude in America these days in regard to the news. Our news is complete b.s. and that people still don't see through it is one hell of an amazing revelation about the human mind.

I think we're going to have one hell of a wake up call when the $#1T really hits the fan! More likely though people will all just be led to the slaughter still not knowing what the hell is going on.

The fact that the world still seems to operate under the paradigm that 9/11 was not controlled demolition and that the pentagon was hit by a plane shows us how good they have gotten at controlling people's minds.

If I were president, instead of offering Americans an economic stimulus check, I'd probably just give everyone a few joints to smoke and some magic mushrooms then declare a national holiday. In my opinion, we are too materialistic socio-culturally speaking to wake up in masses in any other way. Don't agree?

Just think about all the drugs our nation's people are already on that are manufactured in a lab somewhere, all of them unnatural remedies which attack the symptoms not the cause. Anti-anxiety and Anti-depression pill distribution is still in full swing nationwide, another study I did just now as I am writing this concluded that the reason our nation is on so many prescription drugs for anxiety and depression is because the collective consciousness of our nation is, for the majority, mired in self-inflicted delusion from watching network news and reading network newspapers and all the other softcore rags out there.

Unconsciously however, our spiritual selves, our souls, are starving. We live in a world where fact has been fiction for so long that our very conception of the way we think about what's really real and the way the world works is itself based on fictitious assumptions and precepts. Anxiety, that feeling that things just aren't right and depression, the feeling of no self-worth; its no wonder people are experiencing these symptoms when our society's consensus reality is so far removed from the truth.

Natural psychotherapeutic substances could go long a way toward offering people's minds a fresh new perspective that is rooted in a substance found in mother nature of which we ourselves are a part. It's the not the end all be all answer necessarily but its a damn good tool for waking up.

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And only the "smart" ones even watch the news

The CFR owns the news anyway.

New Study Concludes:....

A new study conducted by myself in my own brain just now within a matter of seconds concluded that Americans today simply don't care about America or what it once stood for.

Hilarious, and probably the best and most accurate, certainly the most cost effective, study I've read about all year!! Thank you!!

You'd make a good Prez, I think!

"Luther was a profoundly spiritual thinker who was driven to revolt by worldly and incompetent Popes." + "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm schizophrenic and so am I" = Practicing Radical Hon(our)sty ColtLaw...

CommonSism: Common Sense Guerrylla Laws 4 a Sustainable Commons


Start stuffing my coffers!

True about the media

The media dissected Obama's last speech sentence by sentence, all week.
A panel of "experts" gave their opinions on each sentence, and that was the news.

The media can still be used by us to educate people about the Constitution because the media is desperate for something to report. Let us learn to use the media as others in power are doing. The media reacts to anything that creates a noise or ripple that is drawn to their attention. The art of manipulating the media is something we need to learn.

The media...

The media may be starting to open up a bit, I see Fox had Ralph Nader on recently, that would have been unthinkable six months ago. I read a copy of newsweek yesterday listing the problems we are facing. It was actually quite good, and if you read between the lines you might actually get a glimpse of reality. A lot of newspapers and magazines are in deep finacial trouble so you may see some of them resorting to the truth as a last ditch desperate effort to secure an audience before they go under. Won't it be wonderful to see many of them on the unemployment lines?

More of "ignorance is bliss"....the truth is scarey,

and don't think most American's have had glimpses of it. Bliss is more enticing right now. I have a friend who refuses to watch the news, saying "there's nothing she can do about the DOW, Iran, etc" so why bother. I'm a news junkie...go figure. BTW the DOW is now within 150 pts of going under 8000.
Ginny in PA