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***Need Some help: LTE End the FED****

I need some help proofreading this letter and suggestions to promote End the Fed Rally.

Protesters to Rally at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Building
Many people understand the Federal Reserve System and their counterparts in the Treasury Department caused the collapse of the financial markets. People are assembling from all political backgrounds at the Federal Reserve Banks to protest the Federal Reserve and the executive branches abuse of power. The majority of America opposed to the widely recognized “Banker Bailout Bill” that benefited international financiers such as Goldman Sachs and J.P.Morgan-Chase. Most congressmen admitted they were receiving calls 1000 opposed to 1 for the bailout. Even with an overwhelming majority of American people opposed the congress still enacted the legislation. The Congress was coerced to vote for a bill that puts the American middle class last.
Congressmen Michael Burgess first announced the congress was threatened with Martial Law by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi if the bill was not ratified. After the bill was defeated the Senate made another bill filled with 455 additional pages of constitutional rights restrictions, new laws, and pork barrel money. Among the many licentious additions is the unlimited power of the Federal Reserve to monitor the United States Economy without oversight by the people. The new bill made the illegitimate theory of carbon taxing a new addition to the tax code. The new bill also gives any law enforcement agency the right to monitor and entrap IRS filers. Both Presidential candidates made a strong effort to influence congress to pass this widely unpopular bill. Barack Obama convinced the Black Caucus to pass the bill. Even then the Congress was once again terrorized. Congressmen Brad Sherman from California announced the Congress was threatened with Martial Law and the markets would plummet overnight if they did not pass the bill. The results of the Banker Takeover Bill were worse than anyone expected.
Not only did we have a silent coup of international financiers bent on taxing us on breathing carbon dioxide and having the IRS become the responsibility of every law enforcement officer we were given a plummeting stock market. In addition, the Billions were used to protect banks such as Goldman Sachs, with the understanding those banks would release credit to the markets. The banks not only didn’t release credit, they hoarded at least 14 billion in benefits to bank CEOs. Now the treasury is creating an unlimited amount of money because of their new subservience to the Federal Reserve System. They will never hand over the money to the real economy, just to their banker friends.
Many people across the nation understand the Federal Reserve System was created to transfer wealth to private bankers. The Federal Reserve System was created by international financiers through the help of Senator Aldrich in 1917. The Federal Reserve Act was never ratified by every state and therefore should have never become law. After the act was passed a private cartel owned by a few bankers calling itself the Federal Reserve System was formed. The cartel charged interest to the American people on the money it created. The outcome is always the American people owe more to Federal Reserve System then the Federal Reserve gave to the American people. The Federal Reserve System created propaganda it was created to protect American banks from the Bank Runs. The irony was the bank runs were engineered by most of the same robber barons in the Federal Reserve System Board of Directors. As we see today the only people benefiting are the ones engineering the crisis. A further condemnation is the Great Depression generated twelve years after the Federal Reserve was created. John F. Kennedy was one President who railed against the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System and tried to bring a sound currency and economy back to America.
John F. Kennedy was murdered a few months after writing an executive order calling for a competing silver standard note issued by the government. At that time the Federal Reserve System was leaving the silver standard it had sworn to uphold because it is more profitable to issue money off a standard like silver. As the founding fathers predicted when a private company issues the money rather than the government the people will always suffer. Today that executive order still stands and people are assembling at the Federal Reserve System to honor John F. Kennedy’s vision for a prosperous nation on the date his vision was silenced November 22, 2008.
If the illegal coercion of our legislative branch, the market failure of the Banker Takeover bill, the illegal way the Federal Reserve System was created, and to commemorate John F. Kennedy’s sacrifice for constitutional money doesn’t convince people then there is always the 100 year destruction of the value of our dollar due to intervention by the Federal Reserve System. In 1913, before the Federal Reserve System, an ounce of silver and the dollar were an equal amount of worth. Today the value of silver is conservatively twenty times as valuable as a dollar bill. The Federal Reserve System has to end. The private board of bankers in charge have proven they cannot handle the nation’s currency.