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Ask Obama to appoint Ron Paul as Sec. Treasurer!

You can log on to change.gov, where Obama is asking for your input, and speak your mind.


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My suggestion:

The economy is collapsing and will greatly worsen due in part to ignorant monetary policy. I would like to see an eventual end to the Federal Reserve that could begin with lifting all capital gains tax on gold and silver and allowing these metals or fully-backed certificates for them, to be used as an alternative currency. The best person to administer policy would be Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

How about asking Obama not

How about asking Obama not to implement socialized medicine, not to expand the military, not to bailout any more companies, not to start up some civilian security force that is just as well funded as our military, not to give any more money to the UN............these are all things RON PAUL is against and would NEVER advocate.

Do you honestly think that Obama would say sure, all the things you suggested I'll just go ahead and scratch of my Yes We Can list????

This thread is idiotic to be honest. You are wasting your time pleading with Fuhrer Obama. How about do things that are more constructive with your time for this movement, like spread the Philosophy of Liberty dvd's from door to door, or perhaps even send that link to obama.

Bowing out of the actual policy debate

Ensures that your policies will never be enacted.

No one is anybody's Fuhrer (although I understand your use of the word), but you have minimal to complain about if you never try to be a part of the civilized discussion.


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Not bowing out of the policy

Not bowing out of the policy debate.....just not casting my pearls to the swine.

Suggested this a week ago....

and I'm suggesting it again.

Ron Paul for Treasury Sec.


What about this: I wrote him as foreigner. It was possible.
And I remember that he on the other hand delivered a speech in the capital of my country, in Berlin, as if it were part of the USA so I think it was okay.:)


Ron Paul is my President!

But I still voted for him to be named Treasury Secretary too. That was fun. :)

Can he serve both roles? Prez and Secretary?

And what exactly does the "Secretary Treasurer" do again?

are you talking about government or the Elks club here?

lol, that was funny.

Somewhere in hell, John Maynard Keynes is laughing maniacally and dancing a jig.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

this thread

deserves a front page


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Done. I said to include Ron


I said to include Ron Paul in his cabinet ... possibly Sec of Treasury.

Also included that his ideas may help restore sound money to the United States.

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Do you want the world to be a bunch of whining, defeatist ninnies? Or people who take CONSTANT STEPS, however small, to overcome any and all challenges and bring good to this world?

I know what I want to see. Some of you, I am afraid, may be a tad too negative for your own good.


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



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Are you people serious?

Ron Paul for Minority Whip? Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary?

To these people, Ron Paul is an outsider; an obstacle; a threat. Do you REALLY think there's a snowball's chance in Hell that the establishment will give him ANYTHING?

Even if they did, he'd either be fired or would quit in the first month. These people surround themselves with TEAM PLAYERS, not mavericks, and Ron Paul would NEVER play along with their game... and they know it.

Ron Paul will only gain more power if more people start waking up. Ron Paul only has as much influence as he has right now because WE FOUND HIM. 3 decades after he started his "crusade," I might add. The establishment has never given Ron Paul anything but a hard time and they never will. PERIOD.

Ron Paul will only advance higher up the ladder if it comes to a vote of the people, and even then it's no guarantee with them being the counters of the people's votes.

Listen... Ron Paul is doing all that he can. He's continuing to speak out against the establishment, and trying very hard to teach everybody as much as he can while there's still time. The rest is up to US.

Ron Paul being appointed... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em


You are dumpng Ron Paul for who again? Its that kind of thinking that lost us people in the primaries. Ron Paul can't win so why bother. Ron Paul is too fringe to be anything. Ron Paul is a non-interventionists wacko. Why bother.

I fear that you were not around for the primaries and the following this man gained from being a so could worthless fringe nut-job who would never amount to anything.

Who said "why bother"?

I said that you must be out of your minds if you think the establishment will give Ron Paul anything and that even if they did, he wouldn't play ball and be fired or he'd quit.

Stop putting words in my mouth and try to think a little bit and not be so mindlessly optimistic.

Let me simplify what I said so that you might see what I really meant.

Ron Paul will not be invited into the club. We're going to have to put him there and the only way that will happen is if A LOT more people wake up in a hurry.

That's not a "throw in the towel" position, my friend, it's a "keep waking people up, because that's our only hope" position. See the difference?

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em



It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.
— Samuel Adams

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Negative thoughts,

produce negative results.

"The Constitution was written not to regulate you in any way, the purpose of the Constitution is to restrain the government." Ron Paul.


Negative thoughts also...

...help to anticipate negative intentions. Measured cynicism is a prudent survival strategy.

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silver, gold, copper, and lead,

does that equate to freedom?

"The Constitution was written not to regulate you in any way, the purpose of the Constitution is to restrain the government." Ron Paul.


Here is what I wrote

One thing you should highly consider is asking the Hon. Ron Paul to be your Secretary of the Treasury. At times like these, where the operating economic framework has been soundly disproven, we need the insight of those who are AWARE of critical understandings to be in positions of leadership and guidance. Over time, Dr. Paul has proven that he is exceedingly prescient with regard to economic matters and has a sincere, deep care for this country and her people. I know it is hard to think about joining with individuals from different parties, but, honestly, we need an era of TRANS-partisanship. Party politics have eroded the vitality and positive nature of our country. We need to work together to forge a more honest, transparent, united, free, prosperous place and it is up to the leaders to recognize the wisdom inherent in our common sense. Ron Paul is a man who ought to be looked to by any rational leader with integrity as a sage adviser. Please listen to his wisdom. Thank you.


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

This is a great idea.

There is never anything bad about giving positive encouragement to people who are oath-bound to represent you.

Quit being so negative and take positive steps!!


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

This is asinine...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

Ron Paul still on peoples mind

poll taken in NY>


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Youre joking, right? You

Your joking, right? You can't possibly think that P.O.S. actually thinks on his own?

what´s the point..paul would have to do what obama wants

obama won´t do what Paul wants..it would only hurt his credibility...I think he should stay away from obama...


A benefit for Obama

because if he appoints Paul he´d get a real solution to the financial issue which goes farther than a few months.


It's highly unlikely

...that Paul would ever get such an appointment, but if Obama receives many requests, or your own request for what you want to see, it will give the new administration an idea of the change we want.

We are like ants climbing up

We are like ants climbing up a huge mountain and a giant with a torch and a kerosene lantern is waiting at the top =(
*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *