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What would the USA be without the Fed?

Let's say the federal reserve never came to be.
How would America look today?

*I'm not advocating the Fed.
The country would be much better without it.

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Our government would

Our government would naturally be smaller and less intrusive.

We'd have much less wars

We'd all be healthier because the FDA would probably not exist and there wouldn't be all these regulations placed to protect the big pharma companies.

We'd all be much wealthier

We'd all have a higher quality of life

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World Population

Would be much higher, maybe up to 7 billion.

This would be due to the absence of worldwide conflict subsidized and paid for through inflation.

It is said that WWI paved the way for most of the conflict in the 20th century. How was WWI paid for? The economic bust during Harding's administration offers some clues.

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I've often wondered

if the population boom would have been less without the Fed's easy credit and destruction of morality. There are so many children born outside of wedlock these days.


we would've skipped the 'Great Depression' so the sky's the limit for where we'd be today.

Our kids would be able to actually

acquire real wealth. Monetarily, but more importantly educationally. I believe that all the myriad of government programs we now have that seek to control every aspect of our lives wouldn't for the most part exist.

We could turn on the news and see news instead of propaganda for the newest way to help the government control us.

We would be looking at another country waiting on them to implode rather than looking at our selves.

Thank you Dr. Paul for making me act on what I already knew was right.

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We'd be at peace...

with virtually all nations of the world, though we'd probably be fighting a clandestine one with all the central banks.

I'm not so sure about peace

I'm not so sure about peace with all nations.
The central banks would back a country to initiate war with another and then back the other country to defend itself,and so on.


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like it was 100 years before the Fed came to be. Actually, the better question is, what would the United States of America be like without the Corp. U.S? Because, if it were not for Corp. U.S., the Fed would have never came to be.

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A Free Country

1. We would no longer be a Nation awash in perpetual debt, because the money creation would be debt-free and non-interest-bearing.

2. Our tax burden would be lower, due to 1 above.

3. There would be far less boom and bust manipulations of our economy, and less concentration of wealth in the hands of the few. Thus, we would have better job security and a more consistent and dependable economy.

4. We would have more prosperity due to 2 and 3 above. That is, the prosperity of the Nation would naturally be more evenly shared.

5. There would be far less corruption of Industry, and far less corruption of Politics. As a result there would be far less policy of War and War-making.

6. The News Media would also be more independent.

In short, we would return back into being a free and open society again.

We'd be a lot richer...

And Free.


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