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Lindsey Williams was Right. Oil -> 50 FRNs

Lindsey Williams has been right so far, and I expect light sweet crude to continue its decline to 50 FRNs / Barrel.

Today Crude Oil dipped to 54.67 and is now at 58.59. I have a buy rating at 50, because Mr. Williams said Rockefeller/Big Oil would then take it to 200 FRNs / Barrel. Timing is unknown.

One reason it went to 147 was in order to get legislation passed to drill. They did. There could be other reasons too. Know of any?

It is now going down to 50. Reasons I've heard are:

1. Keep the masses from rioting early.
2. Bankrupt Venezuela, Russia, OPEC countries such as Iran, etc. These countries cannot function at 50 FRNs / Barrel.

Can you think of others?

* If you haven't heard of Lindsey Williams or The Energy Non-Crisis you can Google him or view the video here:


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Williams is a joke

This guy is not relying on science but on his perception of conspiracy.

He doesn't know squat about the oil supply and production capabilities, the patterns of depletion, the steadily increasing cost in energy terms of acquiring new energy.

If you are relying on him, you might as well go to him for dental work and a knee replacement, because he has as much capabilities in those areas as he has in the fundamentals of oil exploration, extraction, and depletion.

Give me a break!

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


Lindsey doesn't claim to base his statements on science.He bases his statements on what is told to him by the tycoons. It is political, not scientific. If they wanna bring oil down to $10 a barrel they would do it with the push of a button. No science required.

Yes, but he was wrong about McCain being their guy.

One out of two isn't bad. Unless they have another trick up their ass.



he never said that

he said on the alex jones show that the oil companies wanted McCain, that doesn't mean that he was saying that he was going to become president!



is a good guy. I'm gonna be praying for him.


Is this for real? Seriously? What's your thoughts?

I watched the whole

I watched the whole video..where did you come up with the figure of $50 to buy? How do you figure that oil will rise up to $200 a barrel?

Where's the evidence? I don't see any evidence to whoever posted this thread...

Watch Lindsay Williams: Energy Non-Crisis!

I was amazed when I first saw Lindsay Williams presentation on his "The Energy Non-Crisis". Of course it makes total sense that the control of oil lends as much power as the control over gold/money. And that in order to keep the price flexible they would have to maintain the impression of scarcity (there's far more oil than they want us to believe).

But I hadn't considered that the rise in price was deliberate in order to pass legislation to allow for more drilling. It seems to make sense, though I was under the impression that they didn't want to drill here, because there's more to gain by taking oil from other countries (via the military-industrial-complex, with which I assume 'they' are affiliated).

But I suppose there's a lot of business for Halliburton in the creation of new drilling etc., even if they are going to keep the assumption of scarcity anyways.

I don't think the reduction in price will necessarily cause "bankruptcy" for these other countries. But it will certainly piss them off and do them harm. Perhaps this tactic will work like the sanctions on Japan that led to the Pearl Harbor attack, in order to lead us into more war.

I think it's more likely that they mean to keep people calm in these tumultuous times. "At least gas prices are down," said the yuppie, "I guess the government can do something right."

I saw in the paper today, Forecast: Gas Price to drop to $1.75(?).

Obviously this is not a matter of supply and demand. They're manipulating and have a plan. This is definitely another big piece in the puzzle.

as for the timing

we all know that crude prices drastically rise in the summer anymore. I cant see how prices are going to spike to 200/brl again without watching the entire world economy hugely uplifted from out of its current hole, which i cant perceive happening before summer of next year. oil will probably stay witin the 40-75$ range for a while now with a peak range of perhaps 90$, no?

Wrong Buckwheat! #2 those countries can function at $20/ barrel

We cannot drill or operate offshore for less than $38/barrel domestically.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

Not Venezuela

Most of the oil they pump are tar sands type oil...very thick, hard to pump, and expensive to refine.

$20 oil would shut down Venezuela's production.

Canada's also...so it's not going to happen.

The price per barrel of oil you see in the markets is based

on West Texas light crude. In the mid 90`s Venezeula was selling oil for $9 to $10 a barrel when market crude was listed at $14.00 a bl.
Most of their wells were completed by American companies and later Nationalized -- they have very little cost to their production.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

yes their cost of production is lower

but the drop in oil prices is having a detrimental effect on their economy. How serious it will become is yet to be seen.