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Hillary in the news

My news station just aired that Hillary may be obama's sec of state. Isn't that just so damn sweet?

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I don't really care for either of them

Although I commend Hillary for voting against FISA.
How did she vote on the bailouts? Walt Minnick got in here In Idaho he voted for Bailouts twice. Hard to believe he didn't beat a guy ( Sali ) that voted against the bailouts twice. Then again, 2 states had a chance to abolish income taxes and didn't? We have a lot of work to do. =/

That was quite a shock.

Not only Sali's loss, but the fact that those who voted for the bailout weren't punished at the polls. It simply said to Washington, "Baaaa, Baaaa."

It was surprising,

but the Sali supporters were coasting, assuming he would be the usual shoo-in. The Democrats were really organized this time. It won't be hard to get Sali back in next election, we'll just have to work harder than usual.

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I can just see it now, Hillary flying to Bosnia to tell them about her perilous airplane ride into their country amid sniper fire LOL Obama must be really desperate to think about putting her in any kind of high level position. Jay Leno must be working on a new skit for this one LOL

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